What is friends?
Who are they?
How they looks like?

There are many type of friends,
What is means by friends?

The truth about the truth friends,
Make a true friendship,
Which just the truth,

Truth friends doesn't ask,
"Who are you?"
to know the real us.
Truth friends doesn't ask,
"What are you?"
just to know our status,

Truth Friends teach us The Truth Friendship,
Truth Friends just only make The Truth Friendship,
Truth Friends those who only knows the truth us
even we don't tell them,
They just know,

Truth Friends,
Could make we cry in smile,
And smile in tears,

Truth Friends,
Always say the truth,
Tell the truth in anyway,

Truth Friends,
Make us feel the truth which are really true,
Never cheat even be a liar,
Even they keep something that secretly,
Someday they will tell us the truth,

Truth Friends,
Those who knows the truth meaning of sharing,
Those who knows how to be caring,
Those who make a hope even it just a dream that never come true,
Friends Forever~

[Sorry for my bad english.Hehee...]
I make this special for my beloved Best Friends and Those who knows what Friendship is :)
Raidah Adibah,Nur Farrah Farhana,Nuraznie,Zuhairah,Suhaiza
thanks for being my Best Friends
Nur Aqilah,
thanks for being my Best Sister Ever!
thanks for being my EverLastingFriends!