QuEstI0nS & AnSw3Rs

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Quest : Do you know what LOVE is?
Answ : Should I know that?

Quest : Do you believe to LOVE?
Answ : Should I?

Quest : What LOVE meant to you?
Answ : I already lost the meaning.

Quest : Would you fall in LOVE?
Answ : SHIT! Should I hurt myself again?!

Quest : Do you would look for your LOVE? Or might only wait for it to come?
Answ : What a FUCK question?! I wouldn't wait ! Again?! Well, I already found it.

Quest : You've said that you didn't believe to LOVE. How can you found your LOVE?
Answ : Argh! Don't think that you could make a fool on me!

Quest : So?
Answ : It's not LOVE. It's PR0M15E T0 BEL13VE !

Quest : Err...Could you explain about that?
Answ : LOVE. It could be a precious feeling.
It could be just a word without meaning.
It could be like a writting on a piece of paper and could be erase anytime!
You know what?
Sometimes LOVE couldn't bring a new thing for you.
Unless a worst thing !
So before you fall in LOVE,
let's PR0M15E. Then you could own the loyalty.
Let's start T0 BEL13VE! Then that LOVE could be EverLast.

Quest : Oh! I see...So, who's the luckiest one that could make you to
Answ : I'm sorry to say that I was failed in my math.
The luckiest one is
13+2+1=1 !

Quest : Would you elobrate that more?
Answ : 13SuperJunior's members plus 2SuperJuniorM's members plus ELF is ONE FAMILY !
We prefer to be ONE. A small number but is the largest amount.
You get that?

I need to advice and remind myself about the past.
LOVE shouldn't be the one that've taken your LIFE.
It should be part of your LIFE not a part of your DEATH.
that's LOVE for me.
That word is a sign of loyalty and the EverLast LOVE of ELF.


why no one told me that i put wrong links for my Novel Pendek : Lutsinaran ? hiks. i just corrected it. you're invited to read it. =) -01/07/2020-