Apa Yang Tak Kena?

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Hmm, mashaAllah...letihnya badan. Mungkin sebab first day tuisyen di sekolah dari jam 2 petang sampailah jam 4 petang. Dah lah tak balik rumah. Lapar tahu. Setakat tapau karipap sejuk mak cik kantin mana boleh tahan. Huhu. Then balik pula jalan kaki. Exerciselah nampaknya di bawah sinaran matahari yang panas lagi memanaskan. I thought my dad will fetch me. Tak rupanya. Layankan je lah.

So, apa yang tak kena tu? Actually this morning, bangun jam 5 pagi. Mandi sampai gigil satu badan, ironed school uniform then solat. Sesudah solat, sure hati nyaman je. Tak ada rasa pun nak saman-menyaman bagai. Hehe. Yet, bila jejak saja kaki ke sekolah . . . . . . Eh! Dah kenapa? Hati rasa tak sedap je. Macam kosong? Or maybe macam ada benda yang tertinggal? Nak nak lagi terserempak pula dengan ex. Oh, shwit! Farahin tak tahu kenapa bila ternampak dia rasa macam terkejut berok. But then, buat-buat tak nampak je lah. Till then, Farahin moody je sampailah masuk kelas.

Then bila waktu subjek Kimia, Oh! Mood ku sudah kembali! Why? Sebab buat experiment lagi! Wah! Best je belajar dengan Cikgu Rohana. Kerap sangat buat experiment. I loike! Hehe. Hari ni ada buat 3 experiment. Namanya . . . . . . tak teringat pula. Tapi ada satu benda yang takkan Farahin lupa. Ammonia! Perghlamakk! Bau dia benar-benar merangsang sistem otakku! Dari baunya yang agak tengik, kemudian tiba-tiba buat mata pedih, oh, yeah! Dah rasa macam in the kitchen pula. Huhu. Anyway, overall sangat best!

Oh oh! Esok tuisyen Fizik pula. Hehe. Nak datang ke? Hee. Datanglah yep. Even me & my bestie kind of Budak Anti Fizik. lol. Jahat tak kami? Sebenarnya, nak tak nak tetap kena belajar juga. Sebab itu anugerah yang Allah SWT telah beri. Sebagai tanda syukur, manfaatkannya okey. Ceyh! Nak bersyarah pula Farahin ni. Hihi

Till then, good night and happy blogging!

Usually me & my bestie suka gelar diri kami Budak Bio. Tapi hari ini kami gelar diri kami Budak Kimia. Ini semua gara-gara sahabat baru kami, Ammonia. Hahaa.

ELFiction: I Love You -End- (Siwon ft. Eunhyuk)

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It was your birthday. Siwon had paid you for a special dinner at a restaurant to celebrate it. It was your first year celebrates birthday as Siwon’s girlfriend.It may sounds nonsense but that was what happened. Siwon also gave you a white silver necklace as a present. He then put it on your neck by himself.

After celebrates your birthday and went home, suddenly there was a black van stopped next to Siwon’s car and there were about two to three mans dragged you into the van. You were shocked and scared. Siwon tried to chase the van by his  car but then he lost it. You then was given to smell chloroform and fainted.

Eunhyuk was sitting at the lakeside in the suburbs, thinking and worrying about a thing. It was his duty. He threw many pebbles into the lake and hope he can find the way out. Unfortunately, each time he threw the pebbles, the more he went lost. Sigh. Suddenly, he got a call from his father.

Eunhyuk: Hello.
Father: I’ve made your job easier.
Eunhyuk: -shocked- Bwo? Yah, seongsang-nim.
Father: I’ll text you the address. She’s there. Finished her well.-off the phone-
Eunhyuk: Yah. Seongsang-nim. –panic- What’ve you done to her? Seongsang-nim!

You can hear vividly there were loud laugh around you. You thought it was just a dream. But when you tried to open your eyes, you saw there was a group of mans in a black suit having a conversation. You even heard Eunhyuk’s name in their conversation. You tried to get up but your legs and hands were tied.

You: Eunhyuk. –weak voice- What do you want to do to Eunhyuk?
Man1: Oh. She’s awake already.
Man2: Shall we give her more chloroform?
Man3: No. Let her be. Good night, my dear.
You: Who are you?

Suddenly there was a masked man came into the warehouse. All mans bowed to him. You thought that masked man was their leader. He then asked his men to untied yours and leave you and him in that warehouse. The door was closed. There was no way out for you.

You: -scare- What do you want from me? I...I heard your men talked about Eunhyuk. What will you do to him? –shaking-
Masked Man: -walked towards-  Long ago, I have a brother. But he was killed when he was running his duty. He was my father’s beloved son. I got jealous with him. So after his dead, I am the only son that my father could count on. I want make he proud of me. You’re my first case. Which I’ve to kill you and make sure there is nothing left.
You: -stepped backward each step he went towards you- Wae? Why me?
Masked Man:  I am son of the greatest assassin. I don’t want let my father down. But you’ve ruined everything. Since it was my first sight meeting you, you’ve ruined it.
You: What...what did you means?
Masked Man: Your omma, she paid me to kill you.
You: Om..omma?
Masked Man: -threw away a few papers which contain your details including pictures of you- That was given by your omma to me. To kill you.
You: -picked the documents and take a look on it- Andwae. Omma...omma won’t do this to me.
Masked Man: What makes you so sure?

Suddenly, the siren of police was heard from out of the warehouse. Many policemen went into the warehouse along with their weapons. At the same time, the masked man rushed towards you and caught you in his arm. He pointed his pistol near your waist.

Police: Freeze! Put your gun down and we won’t hurt you!
Siwon: ____-ah.
You: Oppa!
Masked Man: Interesting. Looks like we almost to the end. –whispered to you- _________. Don’t you want to ask who am I?
You: -look at the masked man-
Masked Man: Lee-Hyuk-Jae.

You was shocked to know that the masked man was Eunhyuk. You then shouted towards the policemen to warn them not to shoot. Yet Eunhyuk push you away at the same time and shot himself. The policemen thought he started shooting at you so they shot at him till he fall onto the ground. Till then, you shouted his name.

You: Eunhyuk!!
Siwon: _____-ah. Let’s go.
You: Eunhyuk. It’s Eunhyuk. Oppa. It’s Eunhyuk. –get up and run towards the body- Eunhyuk-ah.
Eunhyuk: -look at you and smile- Saranghae.
You: -crying-
Eunhyuk: I’m going. –close his eyes. Die-

After the incident, Siwon’s mother has been arrested for being involved in the murder and found guilty. Because of that also you and Siwon knew the truth that Siwon is not his mother biological son  and you is a daughter of your dad and your mom without a legal marriage.

The motive of the murder is to ensure that Siwon will have all the wealth of your father and become the only child in the family. while in facts, Siwon is taken from the orphanage when he was baby to be exchanged with a daughter was born by mother. Knowing the truth, you and Siwon try hard to look for the daughter. At last, both of you found her yet she works as a sister at the church and refused to meet the family.

p/s: Okey. Ending sangatlah merepek. Kebantutan idea. lol


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Hey, guys! Okay beberapa jam saja lagi I've to go to school. What? Sebab itukah Farahin tidak tidur? Bukanlah. Farahin still celik mata sebab just done my Continuous English Writting. Hmm Essay English sentiasa menjadi masalah bagi Farahin. Atau sebenarnya Farahin yang bermasalah? Hehe. Apapun, apa yang dimaksudkan "Putus" dengan tajuk entry ini ialah . . . . . . Omo! Beberapa jam saja lagi I've to go to school. Yet my school beg putus?! Huwaaaa....eotteokhae?! Mana hendak letak buku nanti. Tsk. Kena korek almari barang cari beg lamalah nampaknya. Itupun kalau begnya tidak putus. Hohho. Okeylah. Till then, goodnight and welcome back to school!

p/s: Since last year, this is 3rd time beg putus. Tsk.


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