ELFiction: My Lady -Ryeowook ft. Sungmin-

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Kyaa! It's so hard to describe Ryeowook oppa in any character! (>_<)

Long time ago, you and Ryeowook were best friends. Ryeowook is son of one of the maids who works in your parents’ bungalow. Both you grew together at the bungalow. But since both of you became teenagers, your dad asked Ryeowook to work under him as your butler and Ryeowook started beings unfriendly to you.

You and Ryeowook studied at the same school. Both of you even putted in the same class as you asked your dad to put Ryeowook in the same class as you. You hope that will help you back to be best friend with Ryeowook. Besides that, you also had a boyfriend names Sungmin.

Sungmin: -hug you from your back- _____-ah. Let’s hang out tonight?
You: Bwo? Yah, oppa. I’m so dead if my parents knew about this.
Sungmin: Yah. Don’t you have him? –pointed to  Ryeowook-
You: Ahh. It’s not nice to keep asking him to lie to my parents.
Sungmin: Wae? Do you want me to help? –went towards Ryeowook-
You: Erk oppa. –chasing for Sungmin-
Sungmin: Yah, Ryeowook. I want out with ______ tonight. Will you help her?
Ryeowook: It’s my duty. –doing his homework-
Sungmin: Yes!
Ryeowook: But I won’t do it if she doesn’t ask me to do so by herself.
Sungmin: Bwo? Aishh this kid. Yah. Don’t be so arrogant.
You: Ryeowook-ah. Help me, please? –beg-
Ryeowook: -sigh- Fine. –focus on his homework-
You: Yes! Kamsahabnida. –kiss his cheek-
Sungmin: Yah. You kiss him. –jealous-
You: -stick out your tongue and leave-

Ryeowook went to your room with a glass of milk on the tray. It has been late, so he doesn’t wore his suit. It was much comfortable with a sweater and track bottom. As he went into your room, suddenly you went out from the room at the same time. Luckily, the milk didn’t spilt on your dress.

You: Oh, Ryeowook. I thought you have sleep.
Ryeowook: It’s still early for my butler time. I brought you a glass of milk.
You: Oh. You’re so nice. But don’t you remember that I’m going out with Sungmin tonight?
Ryeowook: I remember. I thought you’ve cancelled it.
You: Aish how can I cancel it. Sungmin oppa will get mad then. Oh. Have my parents go to sleep?
Ryeowook: Don’t worry. They still didn’t back home. –smile-
You: Oh, jinjja! In that case, it’s a good time for me to go. Bye. –leave- Oh. –stop- Ryeowook-ah.
Ryeowook: -turned back to you-
You: -went to him and drank the milk- Kamsahabnida. –kiss his cheek- Oh. Bubble? Hehe. Bye. –leave-
Ryeowook: -in the heart- Take care, my lady. –sigh-

You and Sungmin had so much fun at the night club. Both of you drank and dance together. It was such an enjoyable moment. When you and Sungmin went out from the club and wanted home, coincidently Sungmin met his friends in front of the club. They also went into the club.

While Sungmin talked to his friends, you who currently in drunk saw a shining thing on the road. You went to see that shining thing. Suddenly there was a car driven in a high speed went to you. The light from the car makes you had a sore eyes and headache. You close your eyes. You thought you may been hit the car and die. Yet you had rescued by Ryeowook.

You: Ah. –fall onto the ground-
Sungmin: _______-ah. Gwaenchanayo? –shouted from the other side of road-
You: Huh? Ryeowook? –drunk-
Ryeowook: -directly lifted you and leave the scene-
You: Uhm. It’s cold. –feels comfortable-

As soon as you and Ryeowook arrived at the bungalow, Ryeowook directly brought you into your room and put you on the bed. He even helped you put off the accessories which were on your hands, neck, ears and hair. He wanted you sleep comfortably. As he wanted leave the bed, you suddenly grabbed his hand.

You: Ryeowook-ah. –closing eyes-
Ryeowook: Yes, my lady.
You: Why did you following me?
Ryeowook: -thinking- I need to protect you.
You: Arasseo. Erkh. My head. –frowned-
Ryeowook: Need my help?
You: -nodded–
Ryeowook: -sat on the bed beside you and started massaging your head-
You: Kamsahabnida.
Ryeowook: That’s already my job.
You: Can I kiss you?
Ryeowook: Right now? My cheek has been so thick with your kiss.
You: Yah. That’s rude.
Ryeowook: Bwo? Do you think I’ll beings polite to you forever?
You: -opened your eyes. Wake up & sat in front of him-
Ryeowook: Bwo?
You: Why don’t you talk like that to me since you be my butler?
Ryeowook: Ha?
You: Wae? Did you being like this because of my father? Because you’re my butler?
Ryeowook: -quiet-My lady..
You: -suddenly kiss his lips-
Ryeowook: -shocked-
You: I miss the old Ryeowook.
Ryeowook: You should not did that.
You: Why not? I’ve my right. You just followed the order. –confident-
Ryeowook: Not anymore.
You: Bwo?
Ryeowook: -directly kiss you deeply-
You: -fascinated-
Ryeowook: Stop ordering me. You’re the one will follow my order.
You: Ryeowook.
Ryeowook: My lady...no. ________. I love you.
You: Finally. I get my Ryeowook back. –hug him- I don’t know when and how. But I always think about you. Worry about you. I feel safe when you with me. And I just realized tonight, that I love you.
Ryeowook: -smile- Pabo.
You: Yah. –hit his back-
Ryeowook: -giggle & hug you tighter-

A boyfriend is not sure can be a good protector. But a 'butler' can surely protect as much as possible :p



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