I Feel The Lost

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Dear, fellow friends. Today we've lose someone
that is very precious to his family, friends, colleagues, and fans.
As a fellow human that is still living this life,
as a fellow kpop fan who is also cheering on SHINEE,
as a person who really appreciates his voice, song, and talent,
I do feel the lost. It's still very shocking to me.
The news reached to me from my roommate
who was scrolling on her instagram.
I thought it was just a misunderstanding. Yet it wasn't.
I was getting ready to buy my dinner back then.
As I looked at the mirror while wearing my hijab,
suddenly that feeling hit me. That feeling of losing someone.
Ring Ding Dong was my very first moment knowing SHINEE and him.
Just like how I favors Minho's visual,
just like how I favors Taemin's dance,
just like how I favors Key's cuteness,
just like how I favors Onew's smile,
I also favors his voice especially when he reached the high note.
To dear Shawol, please be strong everyone.
To his family, I give them my full condolence.
To him, thank you for everything Jonghyun ssi.
I am listening to your songs right now.
Because I suddenly feeling that I miss you.

You think that person is too far, yet actually he is very close.



we're all stars that brightens each other starlight a little bit better for the better -07/05/2020-