New Semester Is Back

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Hello, peeps! How're you doing?
It's finally the new semester.
And I still don't give a proper greeting to 2019 and January lol.
It was both good and quite anxious start.
I had to struggle on three last mini projects
before the previous semester ends.

As the semester break coming closer,
I was quite excited celebrating the end of my sweet 22.
Bought myself a stuffed pillow aka plushie which I never had even one.
Also I set my sweet-tooth monster free, let her enjoyed her good time
with a piece of Blueberry Cake and Big Apple donuts. Quite rare snacks to me.

And then when the final exam result was out, I got an unexpected grade.
Bless all the kind-hearted lecturers, I got to have
Pointer 3 on the paper. Alhamdulillah.

And after a two weeks break, today is the first day of my eighth semester.
Supposed I have a class today but I still don't get the mood lmao.
So here I am being scratchy scratchy on my blog
with choki choki hanging at the end of my mouth lol.

By the way, for this semester I only have three courses to attend.
Wish I can do it good for this semester too.
Yet I am all nervous thinking about my final year project. Uh!

Until here, thank you for passing by
and read this short ranting of my boring life.
All the best to you guys! Oh, and Happy (Chinese) New Year!
xoxo =)

A song for you all hehe. Enjoy!



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