ELFiction : Way Home (Part 1)

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This fiction is dedicated to those who have been feeling lost and down regarding themselves. It may not much helpful for healing but I just want to let you know that you're not alone even though that's how you're feeling right now. There are people who understand, care, and love you. They could be helpful too. So here is my little gift for you.

Your friend, ELFarahin.

You are that one ordinary high school student who are introverted. You used to be quiet and make less interaction with others yet quite observant. However, recently you have been started to feel something strange about yourself. Something different and evil that even home is not as sweet as home anymore and school has becomes a place where you can put on act very well and be just that ordinary high school student. Of all your days at school, there is a strange day you have quite more interactions with a few classmates than usual and that even happens on your way home.

The weather had been gloomy since morning. The sun was not as bright as yesterday. Even the wind felt a bit colder but still calm and soft. I could felt the air was already humid and getting heavier. The thick and dark cloud also started to cover almost the whole wide sky. It supposed going to rain soon, I thought.

“Are you working on that already? There are two weeks left before the submission though.” Eunhyuk took a seat at the front desk where had been left empty by Donghae. I guessed he went somewhere and forgot about his boy-friend here.

“Eunhyuk. Stop disturbing her. She is not as lazy as you are.” Leeteuk interrupted from his seat which was next to Donghae’s desk.

I fixed my full concentration on my English homework and just ignored those two even though I could hear them loud and clear. Leeteuk was true about Eunhyuk. But I did not did this because I was hardworking or anything more. It was just home was not the right place I can work on it even though it was called as homework. Funny but I could not even laughed about it.

“Eunhyuk!” Donghae called from somewhere a bit far. I guessed he was standing at the door, looking handsome and neat yet still just an idiot.

“Be careful!” Kangin reached his hand closed to my face and caught a ball which had been threw by Donghae. He must had been missed the actual target, Eunhyuk.

“Whoa! That was so closed.” Eunhyuk flinched. Not for me but himself.

“Donghae. That was dangerous. Can’t you see a girl here?” Kangin did a little scolding. He did sound matured and tough. No doubt from someone who used to play rugby.

“Ops! Sorry. It did not hit though.” I saw Donghae putted his both hands together and apologized. I accepted it silently and went back to what I was doing.

“Let’s go, Eunhyuk! Let’s play ball before the next period comes.” Donghae invited and Eunhyuk had no second thought to reject it. He took the ball from Kangin’s hand and went out from the classroom with his beloved boy-friend.

“Make sure you’ll be back before the class starts!” Leeteuk make a quik reminder. He was indeed such a dedicated class monitor.

Time passed but I was not sure how much. While I was only focus on my thing, I did listened to my surrounding too. Kangin was chatting with Leeteuk while helping him organized some important papers from our classroom teacher. There were Shindong and Ryeowook having a significant discussion about cooking and food while Kyuhyun and Yesung were having a sharing moment about their past vacation and traveling things. The most noticeable group was Heechul and Siwon surrounded by girls who enjoyed their overwhelming charms. There were a few students from the next classroom came and joined the group too such as Henry, Zhoumi, and Hangeng. Those trio really elevated the atmosphere with their crazy acts and jokes. It was just me being quite indifferent.



Both Eunhyuk and Donghae finally found their way back to the classroom. I thought they were already lost in their fine date. Well, they were not actually dating or having boyfriend thing. But those two were just very close and hardly seen without each other that they were teased of being boyfriends. Anyway, I did not remembered if they ever denied that already.

“You should do it louder. The class is canceled.” Leeteuk said.

“Are you serious?” Eunhyuk sounded surprised and excited.

“Yes!” Donghae cheered with his two fists.

“Teacher said we can leave earlier today. So you guys may leave now if you want.” Leeteuk make a full announcement.

All students became more cheerful and excited. More than half of the class packed their things and leaved earlier. Even the next classroom trio skipped their own class and leaved along with Siwon, Heechul and a group of girls. What a happy and lively group of youths. Maybe it was just me being different and felt like nothing or nowhere was belonged to me.

“See you tomorrow.” Said Leeteuk before he walked out from the classroom. He was the last to leave. And I was the last left. Alone.

To be continued...



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