That Was How I Became His Follower

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Hello, peeps! Morning! is still morning, right?
Since Farahin mula makan ubat, one of the good and new things are
Farahin mudah tidur dan bangun. But there were still times
I didn't want to leave the bed lol.

Anyway, how are you today? Working? Having class?
All the best in whatever you're doing right now.
Not anyone can make effort as much as you do.

Okay. Enough with my sweet greeting. Let's get to the point! But first, do read the title please. Nevermind if you don't want to sebab I'll rephrase it here again. Today post is gonna be about how I became someone (his) follower. His tu siapa? Well, let's get to the new line. Or...paragraph? haha

It was right after or maybe later when a male friend suddenly cut our connection. I thought we were friends enough to trust and help each other. Yet his last message was, "Maaf, Ain. Sampai sini je lah kita kawan ya." And it was too sudden and too bland. Duh! It seemed he had problem with our other female friend who also my best friend yet he cut me off too? Seriously I still don't get his logic until now.

Later, I figured out he even cut us both from socmed. I was curious if he even blocked us so I searched for him on ig. The dumb part was I didn't even remember his username and even the right spelling of his name lmao. So I just randomly typed it down and searched. Then, I found this one account which seemed like his. It was private so I could not find way to confirm. Just simply hit the follow button. Thought I would confirm the account later.

After the account owner approved me as his follower, I came to know that he wasn't the one I was looking for. However, there was something about this account owner that caught my deep attention. He is a schizophrenia patient.

Since then, I had became his follower. Sometimes I do check on his profile. He is just an ordinary married guy who is still young. But I like his open vibe sharing about his illness. There were times I seemed could sense his depressed vibe. And of course, not all the times. He is still a lively person as far as I see.

Now thinking it back on how I accidentally became a schizophrenia patient's ig follower, something told me that it wasn't just that. This also could be a sign of love from Allah. Telling me, comforting me, loving me, reminding me, that I'm not alone.

Of course, his illness is far worst than mine and he has been on medication for years even done with ECT. But he somehow played a part of encouraging me that what worst is worst. No need to compare our situation with others. It is either a matter of you still can handle it by yourself or it's time to get the help. I think it has been 1 to 2 years I'm following him. Looking forward to his better day after many many many efforts.

Until here, I end this today post.
See you later. Bubye =)

You have your right and it may be different from others and that is alright.



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