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Hello, readers! How are you today?
How's your pkp routine? lol
Today I have happy news to share.
Next paragraph okay. hehe

Voice note. Did I spell it right? You know, that recorded voice you send via chat app lol. And this one I referred to Whatsapp Messenger. Don't say you never use it. Use it, now! Okay, that's too goofy. So, voice note. Remember my previous post? I see you, silent readers! hehe. I texted her on the same day before I made the post. Afternoon. Yeah. It wasn't a voice note. I made that post later because I could not bare the feeling alone anymore. It was insane. It was more like anxiety to me.

That night, I went to bed early. Since I've been taking Lamotrigine for 2 months, I can't even get my eyes open after 2.00 am. But that night I think I went to bed a bit earlier. I don't remember the time. Yet at 4.40 am, I suddenly woke up. Because why not? I had my sahur alarm unchanged for days lol. I stopped the alarm and that was when I noticed a pop up from Whatsapp. I took a quick sleepy glanced. At first, it was blurry. Yet later, no way! It's her! Yes. It was her.

I spontaneously opened her Whatsapp even when my sore eyes were killing me. Now I remember, it was because I had sleepless night before yet still woke up in the morning. So as soon as I opened her Whatsapp, I saw she was still typing. I wanted to read it but my eyes were killing me. And I silently and sleepily told myself, No. I need sleep. I didn't had proper sleep last night. I need better condition so I can read her text better later. Yes. Let's go back to sleep. She is still typing. Keep it cool. So I closed my eyes.

I closed my eyes. They were still freaking sore. However, I still could not stopped thinking about what I just saw. She texted me. She's texting me. Finally. I'm very grateful. The stings in my eyes got worst and I had tears under the lids. Yes. I was feeling very grateful that I ended up crying. Yet I still kept my eyes close until I don't know when I actually went back to my sleep.

The next day, I saw a few voice notes from her. I downloaded each of them nervously. I listened to them nervously too. She really had her worst moment that few days. I was crying while listening to them. And her voice, I miss that voice. I listened very attentively while imagining that we were sitting by our bed sides. She said it too, I miss to sit and chat with you by our bed sides.

I sent my replies by text and the chat kept going with mixed feeling. We cried, laughed, got touched, grateful, and more. I'm a little bit choking while making this post too. It was such a miracle. I texted her desperately the day before and the next day I got her replies. It was really like Allah answered my pray right on the spot. She said more beautiful things too. And those were also like Allah really sent my very far love to her. It is still too much like miracle even now too.

Above of all, I'm very grateful that she is fine and safe. We are back to our routine now, fangirling our mutual interest lol. It feels really good to have her back. For those who were praying for me and her, thank you. I can't repay you. May Allah always bless, protect, and guide you no matter where, when, and what are you doing and experiencing right now. Thank you for all your love and care.

Until here, I end this monday post.
Thank you for reading my long long post again!
See you in later post. Bubye.
xoxo =)

The more you love them, the more you miss them.



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