UPDATE3: K-Blopper Card 21-29

This seems like a second last update about Segment: K-Blopper Card. Later there will UPDATE4. About what? For what? Just wait okay. Alright. First of all, I want to say sorry mianhae to my beloved supportive contestants if the colour of your card that had chosen by me wasn't like you hope for. Sorry. Forgive me yeah? Huhuu.Okay. Let's start stealing your own card babeyh.










THANK YOU dear for JOINing my 3rd segment! Alhamdulillah. I was very happy when saw there were almost 30 bloggers joined this segment. GOMAWOSEUPNIDA! *bow 90 degrees* I do appreciate it. Even there were some contestants who didn't tagged other bloggers, I bet they were forgot maybe. Never mind, I don't expect  more for that things. But for THIS? Ya. You clicked it for me, right? You did? Then, lot of THANK YOU from me for all of you. THANK YOU.

Okay. Stop with my broken english. Let's Visit & Follow the other contestants. HERE.
Peace yo! Happy Blogging!

4 ulasan :

Hajar aka Tiha berkata...

Huhu,thanks farahin..comel!

REDred melon berkata...

Tengs . Yayah , hepi blogging ^^

REDred melon berkata...


Sya Syahirah berkata...

semuanya comel-comel belaka.Btw terima kasih banyak^^

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