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Baru je semalam bercerita pasal Aznie.Today,I meet her at school.She was crying...Why?Hahaha...dia terharulah...dapat 8A dalam PMR.While me,I got lower than her.6A!But I'm grateful and proud of myself.Never expect that result.My target was 5A.Yah...Alhamdulillah.At least,there is something that I could do and make my parents happy and proud of is a precious moment.More precious than UPSR.I'm too happy til SUJU oppa keep playing in my mind.My heart keep calling them.Wish could hug and kiss them.But,they're far.Dan kalaupun oppa dekat,tetap tak boleh hug and kiss.It's still a sin.Must marry first lorh...Bwahahaha!!Marry?Wish could marry 13 all of them.Hahahaha.Tinggi sangat angan-angan.Satu pun mustahil dapat,apalagi 13.Huhuhuhu....However,Alhamdulillah for everything!this best result,bright smile from my parents,oppa that love me and all ELFs...waaahhh....such a wonderful world it is....Alhamdulillah....

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