SB Exchange #3: Super Junior | seoulbeats

SB Exchange #3: Super Junior seoulbeats

Happy New Year, everyone! To kick off this year’s SB Exchange, we have Super Junior.

Super Junior is one of the few groups whose discovery for me did not involve SHINee — it did involve YouTube, though, with me randomly stumbling upon Super Junior-M‘s “Perfection“. This led to the discovery of “Bonamana” (to this day my favourite SJ era), and, finally, after a long time, “Sorry, Sorry” (heck, I’d even already heard “Twins (Knockout)” by then). But what really got me stanning the boys was ELF.

A lot of the online K-pop bloggers (and friends) I keep tabs on are ELF, and their sharing of videos, fan accounts, music and other trivia mean that I know more about SJ than I do any other K-pop group, bar SHINee. It was like osmosis, I was surrounded by so much sapphire blue that I couldn’t help but absorb some of it. Also, Super Junior’s 5th album promotions were my first experience of the whole process- from watching freshly released teasers to livestreaming goodbye stages, they were my guide to what is a significant part of the machinations of K-pop.

This week, I’ve roped in Subi, Nabeela and Gil to discuss “the last man standing”:

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