New Love

Long time ago,
my day was dark without light.
my night was creepy without cheers.
I smile with tears in my heart.
I sleep with the dreams that always make my tomorrow
more harder and hardest.

One day,
I found a light behind the white.
I found the cheers from the shining stars.
I smile like someone that will meet the happiness everyday.
I laugh like someone that already lost her tears.
the shining stars will sang songs for me.
When I woke up tomorrow,
I found that it's not a dream to have a bright day.

no more time for regrets and tears.
Don't let the hardship shows the fears.
It's the new beginning !
LOVE is nothing.
Past already had passed.
are the new thing.
To create a new LOVE.

p/s: I created this by myself and I love it! huhu

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