I got this on FB long time ago. Last month. It's my fault don't copy+paste it as document or note. I just looked for it. To make me more easier to find it for this tonight, i post it here ! This is for all ELF also ! 


ELF ALL AROUND THE WORLD LISTEN UP!! Let us all tweet this to Leeteuk (@special1004) at 12KST of 10/04 till the end of the day! "박정수, 님이 눈물 지으시면 모든 팬덤도 같이 눈물 흘린다는 사실 아세요? 그래서, 울지 마세요, 우리는 당신을 기다릴 게요! 한 모든 것에 정말 감사합니다! ♡"! It means "Park Jungsoo, do you know that when you cry, the whole fandom cries with you? So, don't cry, we will wait for you! Thank you for everything that you've done! ♡"! Let's all flood his mentions with these meaningful words & let him know how important he is to us & how much we love him okay!
I hope that every ELF here on twitter will help spread this message & join us in this project. And also, if possible please don't tweet him any other things so that his mentions would be filled with our message to him as ELF & hope that he will see it! THANK YOU SO MUCH & I HOPE THAT THIS WOULD BE A SUCCESS!!"

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