Missing & Miss Him

Yesung oppa,
lately I can't feel your presence.
And that just make me felt lonely and worst.
I tried to view my twitter.
And of course including yours.
But its took too much time to load.
And that just horrible for me!
Its has been about 2 weeks I being like this.
I'm losing you in my heart.
Even in my soul.
I even lost my 'heartbeat' for you.
I can't feel the warmth.
I can't feel that feeling which always make me happy everyday.
Even I can't feel your imaginary hug and kiss.
Where are you?
Where have you been?
Do you still in my heart?
Hiding somewhere?
come out.
Bring that 'LOVE' with you for me.
I need it.

Why my heart don't shaking at all when I whispered your name?
As usual?
Seriously! Honestly!
I don't have other man than you to LOVE.
it's not about someone.
It's about something.
Something that make me feel far apart from you.
Something that make me miss that feeling.
Something that make me miss you.

I'm sorry...
I know that it was my own mistake.
I know what's happening to myself.
But how can I explain about it??
It's not about I have somebody else or what...
It just about something else that too hard for me to be truth.
I'm sorry...really sorry...
Untill now,
there is no one knows about it.
The secret still safe with me.
you'll comeback to my life soon!
Let me feel the 'heartbeat' back!
I'll waitting....
Waitting till that 'thing' gone from inside of me...
Waitting till I can go through this life with you again.
As always...

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