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3 years ago,I fallen love with someone.
3 years sgo,he leave me without any word.
3 years ago til last year,
I still love him.

it's already 2012.
Time to change.
I couln't stand with that nonsense love.
It killed my heart many times.
And make it die many times also.
I don't want lost my heart again.
I want it back to alive.

With that,my life will be more alive.
So,I decided to end that ridiculous love.
And start it with the new LOVE.

Super Junior.
They are my new LOVE.
Which through them,my life now more alive.
Through them,
my heart back to alive.
Through them,
I got new LOVE.
Sapphire Blue LOVE from ELF.
EverLastingLove from Super Junior.
It's worth to LOVE them.

When I cry,
sure I'm not gonna show my tears to others.
It's enough only myself saw it and knew it.
When I cry,I KRY with Super Junior songs.

When I was in pressure,stress,
I being crazy with Don't Don,Boom Boom and Opera.

When I was in sentimental mood,
I listened to my EverLastingBoyfriend , Yesung's solo songs.
I listened to Ryeowook and Kyuhyun's solo too.

When I was angry,
I close my eyes.
Take a breath.
Say Istighfar.
And imagine that Yesung come hold my hands tightly.
With his wonderful smile...
And his warmth hug.

When I'm too tired,
I get a rest and take a nap...
and start dream of Super Junior.

When I miss my EverLastingBoyfriend,
I go to the twitter and view his last tweets and pictures.

When I did my school homework,
I listen to Super Junior songs at the same time.

When I get nothing to do,
I stare at their poster,
I stare at Yesung's poster and feel the beat of my heart.

My life,My time,
It's full with Super Junior.

I smile,I cry,
looks like a fool did that in front of my laptop,
or just stare at the poster,
but it's worth.
I need them anytime.

I have an ego which I'm hard to cry,
but it doesn't means my tears never come out,
my heart never feels the pain.
I know how to cry,
but I don't know how to show it.
I'm weak in that part.

Super Junior...
Kim Jong Woon my LOVE,
Yesung the EverLastingBoyfriend,
Loving you there is no pain,
but there must be tears,
because ELF are always beside,
left,right,back and in front
of you
to smile and cry with you.

It's worth to BEL13VE AND PR0M15E ~

[Sorry for my very bad english.I'm not good in it.Hope the readers could understand it well.] ^^


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