KyUhyUn's BiRthDay ^^

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Saengil Chukkahamnida~ Saengil Chukkahamnida~ Saengil Chukka,Kyuhyun oppa~ Saengil Chukkahamnida~ ^^ It's already 3rd February tonight ! Kyuhyun's birthday ! Gosh ! I know ~ I late 40 minutes ~ mianhaeyo ~ however,wish Kyuhyun oppa always in good health and happy with family and the other members of Super Junior ^^ I know ~ on twitter there must be millions ! billions ELF are making race to wish Kyuhyun oppa. Huhuhu~ Okay. I know~ I'm late ~ So,I already lose ~ huhuhu... okay ! let's check on twitter ! Tata~ ^^ yongwonhi saranghae Kyuhyun oppa ! Ah~ hope I'm not gonna bash by the Evil Maknae . Hahaha...just joking. Don't take that too serious ^^ Evil just on name , actually Kyuhyun oppa quite gentleman right ... hihi...

Cloud (Yesung) And EvilMaknae (Kyunyun) ~
KyuMin couple~ ^^
Kyuhyun And Sungmin


Our Birthday Maknae ! ^^ Cho Kyuhyun~


why no one told me that i put wrong links for my Novel Pendek : Lutsinaran ? hiks. i just corrected it. you're invited to read it. =) -01/07/2020-