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Annyeonghasaeyo, chingu ! ^^

Hari ini, awal pagi hendak ke sekolah tadi memang bad mood sangat. No wonder why? Sudah sampai sekolah pun still moody. 3 masa belajar dalam kelas, saya belajar dengan mood yang teruk. 2 masa sejarah, cikgu telah beri nota untuk ditampal. Selepas selesai tampal, terdapat 1/2 lebihan A4 yang diberi. Dalam mood yang teruk itu, sure memang kerjanya hendak meroyan saja. So, depan belakang kertas itu saya conteng setiap petik perkataan yang terlintas di fikiran. Antaranya ;

"Your voice is my choice
When I was in pressure
Wish to hear your voice,
that are sure."

"This Love Will be EverLast"

"Nothing can change this Love"


"I'll grow adult with your old age.
I'll being old with this L0VE."

"We owns each other."

"Can't be forever.
Even though, wish to be eternal."

"There shouldn't be a fullstop. There is no an END.
We'll create an AND and another AND."

"Let's hold each other and stand together !"

"There is no pain but must be tears."

"I back to healthy when fall in love with you.
You're the cure."

"We're one with the largest amount."

"Stay true and stand with the truth."

"Don't show sympathy unless empathy."

"Never shame let's be proud !"

"Share everything....We always care about you."

"You wouldn't be alone.
We always be along with you."

"We're not the strangers.
We're your lovers.
Your shippers and your stalkers."

"If the world betray you.
Then we'll pay that back.
ELF will betray the world."

"Guiness Of The World : The Only Beautiful Ocean ever is Sapphire Blue ocean."

"Being kind-heart"

"Weird doesn't show that you're a freak."

"PR0M15E is an illegal agreement not just a mention."

"Our Bad Memories is the sweetest moments ever.
Because that moment we were cried and stand together,
hold each other."

"SapphireBluelf must cover the world and beat the 'cruel'."

"We accepted you as you're and only saw the real you."

"Talented ! That's not a praise but that's the truth."

Setiap petik perkataan itu saya selangkan dengan nama Yesung. Huhu... Maaflah dengan Bahasa Inggeris yang tunggang-langgang ini. Saya tebalkan muka copy+paste betul-betul dari kertas itu. Hehee... Ikutkan, mahu saja buat pembetulannya. Hee~

 [I took by my lapcam so it's not clear enough. Sorry~]



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