ELFiction: Remember Me(Lee Sung Min)

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It was your first school day at the high school in year four. However, it was not your first time studied at that school. The students, teachers and workers, you have been used with them. You entered the class and said hello to your classmates. Everything went great for the beginning. Untill the teacher entered the class and brought a boy student along with him.

“Students. Today you have a new classmate. Introduce yourself.”
I think..I know him. But...
“Annyeong! I am Lee Sung Min.”
“Wahh you’re so cute!”Praised one of the girl student.
Aishh...do i really know him?
“_______-ah! Don’t you want to praise me?”
Bwo? He know my name?
“Hah? Do I know you?”Asked you, still trying to remember if you ever met him before.
“Bwo? Don’t you remember me?”He questioning you back.
“I don’t...think so.”
“Ahh..maybe I should do something to make you remember.”Said Lee Sung Min.
“________-ah. Do you really know him?”Asked one of your classmate. A girl.
“Aishh...aniya. I don’t know him.”Answered you.
“Hmm. Gwaenchana. Maybe you will remember about the letter. That letter. Do you remember?”
“Letter? ________ gave you a letter?”The classmate started questioning.
“Letter? What letter?”Asked you.
“Ahh..arasseo. You can remember each other when it is a recess time. Now, it is time to study. Lee Sung Min, take your sit.”Advised the teacher.
“Alright.”Lee Sung Min walked in your row and sat behind you.
Huh? Do I really know this new guy?

“Kringg!”Finally, the class had ended. All your classmates went rushed out from the class. You put all your things in your bag and looked out the window.

Hmm sunset. Beautiful.

You put your head on the desk and feel the beauty of the sunset moment. Till then, you fall asleep accidentally.
“Knock knock!”Someone knocked your desk and made you awake.
“It’s me. Yah. Don’t you want to go back home?”
“Home? Omo! It’s dark already.”You just realised the day has been dark. All the lights of the building had been switched off. There were only the light from the street lights near the school building.
“Gwaenchana. I will stay with you here.”
“Oh? Lee Sung Min? What are you doing here? It’s late.”You just realised the one who talked to you was Lee Sung Min.
“What are you doing here?”He questioning you back.
“Ahh I fall asleep again.”Sighed. It was not your first time fall asleep in the class when it was time to go home.
“Bwo? Yah. Do you always sleep in the class when it’s time to go home?”
“I need to go. Thank you for awake me. Good night.”You leave him in the class. Alone.
Pabo. She really don’t remember me at all? Sighed Lee Sung Min.

Your second school day just started. You went to the class with a pair of blue headphone on your head. You was listening to your favourite idol songs which has been saved in your walkman. Yeah. It was Super Junior songs. When you arrived at the class, you saw the students surrounded Lee Sung Min. You just ignored them and have a sit.

A new student just want to make friends.
Suddenly, someone put off your headphone.
“_______,you should see this.”Said a girl.
“Yah,_______. Now I know why you pretend to don’t know Lee Sung Min.”
“What?”What are they talking about? Pretend? Me?
“Yah, Lee Sung Min. What is going on?”
“Do you really don’t know me? Even don’t remember me?”
“Bwo? Yah, what did you try to tell me?”
“Don’t you remember this letter?”Lee Sung Min passed you an envelope.
“What is this?”You took the envelope and looked inside it. There was a letter. You read that letter. Suddenly, you caught a cold feet. The letter that you read had reminded you who was Lee Sung Min. That letter was written by you. And it was given to Lee Sung Min.
“Now you remember?”Asked Lee Sung Min. The students looked at you and kept smiling. Some of them, seems like laugh at you. All that things had reminded you to your primary school traumatic.
Its him.
You was silent in several minutes. And kept staring at that bitch with so much hate.
“Oh! Yeah. I remember. So, you are Lee Sung Min.”Said you with a fake smile.
“Why? Are you afraid?”
“Bwo? For what? For this? Nah. It’s just a past. So, I give it back to you. Here.”You passed the letter back to him and back to your sit.
Why him

The teacher was teaching in front but you didn’t paid any attention. You looked out at the window. It was so bright. But the thing is, you felt dark inside. Why? Suddenly, your tears fall down.

Oh! What’s this? No. Don’t cry, _________. Don’t cry. Not now. Not again.

You took out your handkerchief from your pocket and wiped your tears. Then, you saw a reflection of Lee Sung Min at the glass window. He was sleeping. Without realised, you stared at Lee Sung Min’s image till the bell rang. It was recess time.

You put all your things in your bag and went out from the class. You need to fresh up yourself. Suddenly, Lee Sung Min pull your hand and brought you the school garden.

“Yah. What’s wrong with you?!”Shouted you.
“Don’t need to shout at me!”Shouted Lee Sung Min back. You was kind of shocked. Sighed.
“What do you want?”Asked him without looked at his face.
“This. Read it again.”He passed you the letter that you just read before.
“For what?”
“Just do it.”You took the letter.
“Dear, Lee Sung Min. Yes. This is me. ___________. I have think about this for years. Since our first year. What I’m going to say is  that I like you. I love you. Yes. It’s kind of stupid. But that is what I feel right now. I don’t need your words. Just please don’t hate me. Don’t forget me. This year is our last year in primary school. I’m afraid if I don’t have any chance to let you know my feeling towards you after this. So I decided to let you know about it today. Thanks to god for let me to know you and what love is. I will always love you. Remember me. __________.”As you finished read the letter, you passed it back to Sungmin.
“Don’t you feel anything?”Asked Lee Sung Min.
“Yeah. I feel something. Which is nothing.”You took Lee Sung Min’s hand and put the letter in his hand. You turned back from him and leaving.
Do I have lost this girl? God.

Its has been a month you was in year four.Since the incident about that letter,Lee Sung Min never talked to you anymore. Fine. Maybe that was much better. Plus, maybe you knew the reason was.

“Sungmin oppa.”

There was a junior who always came to your class and met Lee Sung Min. She was pretty. However, she kind of too much and ‘flirty’. Each time when she met Lee Sung Min in the class, she will kissed Lee Sung Min’s lips. Ah! Such annoying person.

Yah. What kind of perfume did she use?

You closed your nose since you hate the smell of her perfume. Till then, you sneezed.

“She is ‘smelly’.”Said you in front of that junior girl.
“Bwo? Unnie, are you just said that I’m smelly?”
Ah! She heard it. He he.
“Oh! No. I said you are stinky.”Said you with a bright smile.
“Bwoya?! Yah, unnie. That is too much.”
“Ha ha ha. Too much? I don’t think so. I think...you are the one who is too much.”You looked at Lee Sung Min while said she was too much.
“Oppa.”Begged her like a cute street puppy.
“___________. It is not nice to talk like that.”
“Oh, really? Then...mianhae. Dongsaeng.”Said you before leave the class. You went to the toilet. Actually, you want to avoid from make the situation getting worst.
Why did I acted like that? Ah! Pabo, _________.

The teacher was teaching local language. You paid your attention to his class. You looked at the textbook and read the dialogue which the teacher read silently.

“Okay. Now, I want a student continue the dialogue that I just read. Who?”
“Me.”Lee Sung Min raised his hand.
“Lee Sung Min. Stand up. This dialogue has two characters. Find your partner.”
“Err _________.”
Bwo? Aishh this kid.
“__________. Be Lee Sung Min’s partner.”
“Yae.”You stand up and played the role of the character in the dialogue.
“....What do you think?”Said you, who played a role of character names Kim Eun Jung.
“I think I love you.”Replied Lee Sung Min.
“Erkh! Lee Sung Min. I think you have read a wrong dialogue.”Said the teacher.
“No. This is my dialogue. This is what I want to say. To ________. That I love her.”
“Hah?”The teacher was kind of shocked. You too.
Aishh what’s wrong with this kid? Don’t he even get enough make joke of me?!
You turned back to Lee Sung Min and said, “Yah. Lee Sung Min. Stop talking nonsense. We are in class. I have no time listen to your joke.”
“This is not a joke.”He cutted your words.
“Pokk!”You hit Lee Sung Min’s head with your textbook. “Yah. Do your head had an accident?”The teacher and other classmates just looked at both of you. You started felt annoyed. So you leave the class without asked the teacher permission.

Pabo, Lee Sung Min. Why he always make jokes of me? Since the primary school, he didn’t changed at all.Just like an idiot. Non stop, you cursed Lee Sung Min in your heart.

“_________.”Suddenly, Lee Sung Min grabbed your hand and kissed your lips. You was very shocked.
“Yah, are you crazy!”Pushed Lee Sung Min away from you.
“Wae? You are the one asked me to not forget you and always remember you. Now you said that I am crazy?”
“That’s your matter. Not mine. After you had make shamed on me in front of the kids just because I said that I love you, do you think I will stay loving you? Ah! That was crazy! I don’t care if you don’t have same feeling just like me. But please. Please. My love is not a toy. Not a ball which you can kick and hug anytime. Yes. Maybe it was my fault for being too serious about this feeling. Fine. I am sorry. So now, stop make jokes on me. Stop hurting me!”Said you with your tearing eyes. Crying.

Lee Sung Min just looked at you crying. Inside him, he felt very sorry to you. He never thought that you hurt so much. “__________. I am sorry.”He tried to hug you.
“No.Don’t get near me.”You push him from hugging you.
“__________.”He make a second try.
“No.”You push him again.
“__________. Mianhaeyo.”Finally, he caught you in his hug.
“No. Let me go.”Cried you in his hug.
“I am sorry.”
“You fooled me. You fooled me. Nappeun namja. You fooled me.”
He hugs me.Is he trying to fool me again?

“Kringg!”The ringing bell awaken you. Weird. You was in the emergency room. On the bed? You saw Lee Sung Min was sleeping at the sofa. What is he doing here? You tried to remember the past incident. What you can remember was Lee Sung Min’s hug. You went down from the bed and wake him up. Unfortunately, you have been fooled by his sleeping face. He looks much cool and handsome.

He brought me here? He? Sighed.

You went back to your bed but suddenly Lee Sung Min grabbed your hand.
“Huh? Yah. You are not sleeping?”Asked you.
“I need to take care of you.”Said Lee Sung Min with his closed eyes.
“I am your boyfriend, right.”Lee Sung Min opened his eyes.
“Ha ha. I am not a fool.”Lee Sung Min pull your hand. Accidentally, you fall on him. Both your faces were very near.
“Do I looks like make a fool on you?”Asked Lee Sung Min. You was silent.
Do he try to fool me?

Slowly, Lee Sung Min near his lips to you and kissed yours softly. That time, you just lost by him.
“I love you. Don’t hate me. I am sorry. Don’t forget me. Not anymore. Just remember me. Always. Promised?”Said Lee Sung Min.
“It is not easy for me.”Replied you.
“I will make it easy for you.”Kissed you again. This time, its much deeper.
He is a good kisser. I lost.

p/s: Sorry for my broken english. He he he. Correct me please.

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