ELFiction: The 60 Days (Leeteuk ft. Yesung)

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You’re one of the solo artists in SM entertainment. And you secretly have a special relationship with the leader of Super Junior, Leeteuk. One day, when you were sitting in your make-up room prepared for your second music video recording, Leeteuk went into the room with a bright smile. You could see his cute dimple clearly on his face.

Leeteuk: Wow! You look gorgeous. -excited-
You: -smile- Well, of course. I’m _________, right?
Leeteuk: Haha. Arasseo. Erm need any help?
You: Help me put the mascara, please.
Leeteuk: Sure. –stand in front of you and help you putted the mascara on your eyelashes- Do you know what the most your part I favoured?
You: What?
Leeteuk: Your eyes. Okay, done.
You: Jinjja?
Leeteuk: And this. –softly kissed your lips-
You: -fascinared- Oppa.
Leeteuk: -smile- Oh! I’ve something for you. –pulled out a light blue box from his pocket-
You: Uh? For me?
Leeteuk: Yup. –gave the box to you-
You: Can I open it?
Leeteuk: Of course.
You: Wow! Nice bracelet. –impressed-
Leeteuk: Do you like it?
You: Yes. –felt guilty- But…I can’t take this. –put the box on the table-
Leeteuk: Bwo? Waeyo?
You: Oppa. Actually, I’ve something to tell you.
Leeteuk: What is it?
You: I… (I’m going to die.) Let’s break up. Please.
Leeteuk: -shocked- Yah,________. Are you kidding? That’s not fun at all.
You: No. I’m not. Seriously, let’s break up.
Leeteuk: -heartbroken-
You: -leave-

As soon as you went out from the make-up room, you then went to the recording set for your music video.  When you were walking down the stairs, suddenly your head was ache and dizzy. Everything look blur and finally dark. You could hear a voice of Yesung calling for your names but you couldn’t open the eyes. It was like you were heaving a dream during your sleep.

Yesung was waiting anxiously outside the ward as the doctor and nurses were checking on you. After that, Leeteuk came as Yesung had called for him. Leeteuk face was pale and his chest went up and down obviously. He very worried about you and so that he used the stairs and not the lift as he wanted to arrive at the ward quickly.

Leeteuk: ________. How is she?
Yesung: Hyung. Doctor… -the doctor went out from the ward at right of the time-
Leeteuk: Doctor. How’s the patient?
Doctor: She’s fine. She is just tired. She have awake. She can accept any visitors now.
Yesung: Kamsahabnida, doctor. –bow-
Doctor: Yae. –bow and leave-
Yesung: -relief-
Leeteuk: -rushed into the ward-

Leeteuk rushed into the ward as soon as the doctor leaved. He was impatiently to see his beloved woman. As he entered the ward, he saw she was standing near the window looked to the outside. He even could see her tears running out through her cheeks and reached the chin. He felt sorry to see her in that way so he went towards her and gave her his white handkerchief.

Leeteuk: You need this.
You: -shocked and hide the face-
Leeteuk: You don’t have to hide it. I’ve saw it.
You: Gwaenchana. I need nothing from you. –went to the bed-
Leeteuk: Why did you cry? Because of me? Or you’ve regrets for leaving me? –curious-
You: It’s none of your business. – wanted out from the ward-
Leeteuk: Wait. –grabbed your hand- Where do you want to go? Doctor said you’re tired. So you should rest at least only for today.
You: -roughly pulled your hand- I don’t need your advice. –leave-

When you went out from the ward, then you saw Yesung was sitting on the waiting chair. You stared at him with a pair of tearing eyes. He then stand and went towards you. He holds your hands and stroked your hair with lot of care. Yesung always acted like he knew and understand everything. He is such a friend with lot of care and understanding.

Yesung: Let’s go to some nice place?
You: Good then.
Yesung: -smile- Gaja. –hold your hand-

It has been late night but Yesung still didn’t back to the dorm. Leeteuk was waiting for Yesung anxiously. He even started thinking of bad things about that guy since he saw his beloved woman went along with him in the hospital. He tried to think positively that Yesung and _______ were only friends. But his jealousy make him couldn’t accept that fact. Suddenly he heard voices from out of his room. They were Yesung’s and yours.

You: Kamsahabnida, oppa for today.
Yesung: Yae. Get an enough rest. Remember what the doctor said.
You: Arasseo. Erm nan khanda.
Yesung: Okay. Good night. Bye.
You: Good night.

Yesung switched on the lamp and suddenly he saw Leeteuk was standing at front of his room. Yesung was shocked to see him for sudden. He stroked his chest with sigh for relief.

Yesung: Huhh. Su hyung, you make me shocked. –went to the kitchen-
Leeteuk: Where have you been with __________?
Yesung: -drinking- Erm nowhere. Just hang out at my place. You know, on top of the building. –continued drink the water-
Leeteuk: Do you like here?
Yesung: Bwo?! Yah, Su hyung. Are you mad? Me, with her? Impossible.
Leeteuk: I think she likes you. (I hope not)
Yesung: That’s what you think. Okay. I’m going to have a shower and sleep. Let’s continue tomorrow. –putted his hand on Leeteuk’s shoulder-

You went into the company building when you accidentally met Leeteuk at front of the glass door. Both of you were staring at each other. You felt sorry for what have you done to Leeteuk. You did love him so much but you couldn’t let his heart broken more if he knows about your big secret. You could see Leeteuk eyes were tearing. You bet he was begging to you in his heart.

Leeteuk: How are you?
You: I’m fine. –leave-
Leeteuk: ________-ssi.
You: -stopped-
Leeteuk: Wae? Why did you treat me like this? I thought you’re the right one for me. But look like not.
You: -silent- Then, you should look for other person. (Mianhae,oppa) –leave-
Leeteuk: How? How can I look for other person? As I only see you. _________. –sigh-

You was sitting in a dance studio; waiting for Yesung. You’ve sent a message said that you want to see him a few minutes ago. You looked at your side. There was a chocolate envelope which contained important things in it. You just received it from a hospital. Suddenly, you heard someone opened the door. It was Yesung.

Yesung: _______-ah. Mianhae, if I’m late.
You: Bwoya? I just sent you a message ten minutes ago. And you’re here now. –smile-
Yesung: -giggle- So, what is it?
You: This. I just received from the hospital. –gave him the envelope-
Yesung: Bwo? –took the envelope and opened it- This…
You: Yae. I want you to save it for me. Can you?
Yesung: Sure. But why me?
You: I lose my spirit when I saw it. Feel like everything is just a waste. So I don’t want it disturb my life today.
Yesung: -sigh- Arasseo. You can count on me.
You: I know. –smile-
Yesung: Err __________-ah.
You: Yae.
Yesung: You know right that I love you so much?
You: -smile- Yae. But, I’m really sorry. I’m not worth to be love and to love.
Yesung: -sigh- I think you should tell Su hyung about this.
You: No I don’t want to hurt him more. I’m not willing to see he cry for me. Not anymore.
Yesung: Fine, if that what you want. –hugged you-
You: Kamsahabnida, oppa. –hugged back-

Yesung just went home. As he wanted directly to his room to hide the envelope that given by you at a safe place, suddenly Leeteuk came and hold his shoulder. Yesung was freaking shocked and accidentally fallen the envelope onto the floor.

Leeteuk: Yah, why so shocked? Huhu. –took the envelope- (___________?) Yah, is this belongs to _________?
Yesung: Bwo? Aishh aniya.
Leeteuk: Wait. Are you having any affair with ________?
Yesung: Bwo? Of course not. She likes you. –tried to grabbed the envelope-
Leeteuk: She broke our relationship.
Yesung: Bwo?
Leeteuk: Don’t act like you don’t know anything. She leaved me because of you, right?
Yesung: Yah, Su hyung. What are you talking about? Give me the envelope.
Leeteuk: -roughly opened the envelope-
Yesung: -panic- Yah, Su hyung. You can’t…
Leeteuk: Let me see it. What is this? X-ray vision?
Yesung: That…that…aishh-sigh-
Leeteuk: -blur- Yah, Yesung. Who’s this? Barhae. –curious- Yah, I’m asking you. –raised his voice-
Yesung: -stucked-
Leeteuk: The envelope is addressed to _________. Is this X-ray vision belongs to her?
Yesung: -sigh- Su hyung, actually I shouldn’t tell you this. But yes. It belongs to __________. She’s suffering of brain cancer. And she doesn’t want you to know this. Please don’t make the situation harder.
Leeteuk: Bwo?! Brain cancer?? –shocked-
Yesung: 2 months. She only has 2 months to live. 7 days had past.
Leeteuk: -quiet-

You just finished taking your bath. As soon as you went out from the bathroom, you directly straight to your make-up table and comb your wet hair. Suddenly, you saw Leeteuk’s image on the mirror. As you turned your back, he was standing near the door right behind you. You were shocked to see him. He must have used the second key that had given by you to come into your house.

You: Oppa.
Leeteuk: -went towards you and stand neared to you-
You: Why did you come into someone house without her permission? –strict voice-
Leeteuk: -put his hand on your head- This brain that always remember to me. This brain always dream of me. This brain also thinks of me all the time. So, how can it being sick? Is it because of me?
You: Yah, what’re you talking about? –removed his hand from your head-
Leeteuk: Yesung have told me the truth. Actually, I forced him to.
You: Bwo? (No! He shouldn’t!)
Leeteuk: About your disease. –kneel to you- Mianhae.
You: What..what’re you talking about? –anxious-
Leeteuk: You don’t have to hide it from me anymore. Just cry if you want. Free your anger if that you feel. I’m here for you. –holds your hands-
You: -pulled your hands and stand- So, do you come here to show your sympathy? Fine. I got it. Do leave now.
Leeteuk: No. I wouldn’t leave you anymore. –get up- I’m here to give my whole life to you.
You: Life? I don’t need it. The death is wanted for me.
Leeteuk: Even only for 60 days? Don’t you want for it?
You: -silent-
Leeteuk: -put his arms around your waist- Will you marry me?
You: -shocked-
Leeteuk: Marry me, ________.
You: Wae? It’s just a waste. I’ll die. –tearing eyes-
Leeteuk: Because..I love you earnestly and I promised it will stay the same till my last breath.
You: No. It should be till my last breath.
Leeteuk: Till our last breath. –kissed you deeply-

Two days later, Leeteuk and you get married by registering only. Both of you also make an interview with media and announced the news, including about your brain cancer disease. The fans were sad to know about it. There were many letters, emails, tweets and more from them which prayed for your health and happiness.

A month then, your condition went worst. You had hair loss and often got headache. Due to that, the company have to end your contract and let you have more rest at home. Leeteuk also often be at home when there were no recordings or performances. He spent his time more with you. He smile and shows his happiness in front of you. He really cares about you. When you refused to have your medicine on time, he will persuade you till you finished the medicine.

You: No. I don’t want. They just make me becomes more sick.
Leeteuk: You’ve to eat them. This is for your health.
You: My life will end either even I swallow them.
Leeteuk: Yae yae, arasseo. But this will help you. Help us.
You: How can?
Leeteuk: This may help us to have this life more than 60 days.
You: Impossible.
Leeteuk: Wae? Are you really wants to leave me when the 60 days are done?
You: Yah, I don’t mean that. –pout-
Leeteuk: Then, you’ve to eat them. Here. –near the pill at your mouth-
You: Arasseo. –eat the pill from Leeteuk’s hand-
Leeteuk: -gave you a glass of water-
You: -drank- You’re really like an old man.
Leeteuk: Bwo? What did you said? –tickling-
You: Ah. No. -ticklish- Don’t. Aigoo. Haha. –happy-

The last 7 days before the 60th days, Leeteuk was killed in an accident. On that day, your life absolutely just ended. It was really unexpected that your beloved husband who was healthy gone before you who have a big reason to leave the world. Since that, Yesung replaced Leeteuk to take care of you. That proved that Yesung love you very much. However, you couldn’t give him any hope. As you could feel that your death is just around the corner. Leeteuk must waiting for you.

You: Till the last breath, I love you. –whispering-
Yesung: ________. It’s cold now. Let’s go inside. –ran to you-
You: Yesung oppa. What’s the date today? –weak voice-
Yesung: -stand behind your wheelchair- Fifth December. Waeyo?
You: The 60th days had passed since 2 days ago. He’s right.
Yesung: Who? Su hyung?
You: He said that ‘they’ will help us to have this life more than 60 days. But he’s not here today.
Yesung: -sigh- No. You’re wrong.
You: Wae?
Yesung: He’s there. Inside you. I can feel it.
You: -smile-
Yesung: Geez. Gaja. I’m frozen now. –pushed your wheelchair-
You: You’re worst than a brain cancer sufferer. –joking-
Yesung: Bwo? Arasseo, arasseo. –gave up-
You: Huhu.

p/s: I'm too lazy to devide it into parts. Mianhae! Too long, right? Hee


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