ELFiction: Bake The Love (Lee Dong Hae)

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Yeehaa! It's have been so long I don't create any fiction. Tadaa! Do read, do comment and do love it! Haha :D

In your way back from school, usually you will go through line of shops and stalls. There was a bakery shop which sold lot of buns, breads, cakes and many more. However, that wasn’t the reason you comes into the shop almost each day. Actually, it was because of a baker that you had fallen love with. The baker name Lee Dong Hae.

You: Wahh! They look so yummy! –excited-
Baker: Haha. –happy- We’ve new bun which is bake by Chef Lee. Do you want?
You: Jinjja? Kyaa! Give me one. No. Two. No no no. Three.
Baker: I’ll give you four then. We’ve prepared one free bun for the first 100 clients.
You: Jinjja? Wah! I’m so lucky!
Baker: Yes, you’re. Here’re your buns.
You: -smelling- Wah! It smells good. Like Chef Lee’s. Huhu. Oh! Chef Lee, eoddiya?
Baker: He went to shop some ingredients. He said that he’ll bake new cake.
You: Jinjja? Kyaa! I wish to be the first to taste the cake. Can I?
Baker: Then you should come here everyday.
You: Yep! I will. Huhu.
Kling! The bell of the shop was ringing.
DongHae: Hyung, I’m back.
You: Oh! Annyeonghaseyo, Chef Lee! –happy-
DongHae: Pfft! Yah, what’re you doing here? –annoyed-
You: Bwoya? I’m buying your buns here. Look! –show the plastic bag-
DongHae: Pfft! Then, what? Daga.
You: Ahh, you’re so rude to me. I’m a customer you know, right. You should respect me.
DongHae: Yah. If you went to zoo each day, the tiger even lost his appetite because of you.
Baker: Chef Lee. You shouldn’t say that to her. She’s a nice girl. She bought your buns also.
You: -smile- Hihi. Err I should go now. Thank you for the buns.
Baker: Yae yae. Take care.
DongHae: Don’t come again tomorrow. For once.
You: -pout- Yah, Chef Lee. You shouldn’t say that to your customer. Anyway, you smell good today. Like these buns. Huhu. –pervert-
DongHae: Bwo? –annoyed-

On the next day, you went to the bakery shop again. But on that day was a little different. Usually you would went into the shop without anything except a heavy purse and out from the shop with bag of buns or cakes. But on that day, you brought some buns which have lemon flavor that you bake by yourself for the bakers, including Chef Lee.

You: Annyeonghaseyo! –happy-
Baker: Oh, _______! Are you coming to buy buns again?
You: Nope! 
Baker: Bwo? Wu..wae? Is there any problem about the previous bun? –worried-
You: No no, it isn’t. The buns taste very delicious. I even forgot my dinner because my stomach was full because of the buns. Huhu
Baker: It is because Chef Lee’s bun, right?
You: Hehe. Oh! I bake these buns last night. Will you taste it for me?
Baker: Wah! Are you going to be a baker also?
You: No. I don’t think so. I’m not good in cooking or anything. I’m only good in painting and drawing.
Baker: I take one okay. –ate the bun-
You: -nervous- How is it? I took a recipe from internet.
Baker: It tastes good. The flavor also. But it’s quite hard to chew. You should focus on the fermentation more.
You: Jinjja? Kamsahabnida. Err I bake it for the others too. And don’t forget to let Chef Lee taste it also. Hihi.
Baker: Arasseo. ________. Can I ask you something?
You: Nae?
Baker: Are you really likes Chef Lee?
You: Uh? Err yae. You even know that right? Waeyo?
Baker: Aniya. But I think you’re too young to be his girlfriend. He’s like brother to you.
You: Arasseo. I wish I’ll grow faster and make Chef Lee fall to my charm. Huhu.
Baker: Ahh, I can see that you really like that stupid guy.
You: Hikhik. Erm where’s he?
Baker: He’s not here today. He went out with his family. There will be a wedding on the next month.
You: Bwo? Wedding?
Baker: -nod-
You: Err arasseo. I’ve to go now. Annyeong. –bowed- Wedding? Does Chef Lee going to married? –mental breakdown-

All day and night, you think about Chef Lee’s wedding. It was unexpected that you would lose your chance to have Chef Lee beside you. Till then, you fall sick and got swollen eyes because of crying too much. You absence your school and even didn’t comes to the shop. After three days, then you backed to school with healthy body but a sick heart.

The school just ended. You didn’t plan to go to the bakery shop on that day because you still didn’t finish with your heartbroken. Plus, you didn’t know how to face Chef Lee if you meet. As you walked out from the school gate, suddenly you saw Chef Lee was standing under the street lamp in front of the school.

You: Oh! Chef Lee? –shocked-
DongHae: -acrossed the road-
You: I even can smell him from far. How can I forget him then? It must be painful. Chef Lee..
DongHae: Hey, kid. Why don’t you go to the bakery these three days?
You: being cruel as usual.. Ha? Err I had fever three days ago. That’s why. But, waeyo?
DongHae: Nothing. It just feels weird when you didn’t come to the shop. Chef Han is worrying you.
You: Oh! Mianhae.
DongHae: Err will your parents get mad if you late home?
You: Ani. If there anything, I can call or message them. Wae?
DongHae: Follow me.
You: Uh? Eoddi?
DongHae: My house.
You: Bwo?! Andwae! You shouldn’t do that to a girl who still studying and under age! –walked backwards-
DongHae: Bwoya? I want to let you taste my new cake. Plus, you ever wished to be the first to taste it, right?
You: Err how did you know?
DongHae: Chef Jun told me. Gaja! Walk faster or you may be left behind. –leave-

As you arrived at Lee Dong Hae’s house, you were not surprised to smell buns all around the house. Besides, you love it more.

You: I love the smell. It is buns, right?
DongHae: Let’s go to the kitchen.
You: Omo! The kitchen is very wide! You must be loves to stay here more than in your room.
DongHae: I’m going to bake. You sit there and watching only. Don’t touch anything.
You: Pfft! You’re treating me like a 3 years child.

You watched Chef Lee baking in his kitchen. He looked very serious and focused. However, you didn’t see that fierce face that he used to show it to you. You saw a calm face that full of love and sincerity. He looked more charming in that way. 

You: Are you done? -boring- If you let me, can I’ve the cake even without topping? Because I’m very hungry. You should give me buns while I was watching you.
DongHae: It wouldn’t be a nice cake if without topping.
You: It’s not the appearance is important. The taste is. No matter how it looks like, it will breaking down by our gastric juice in the stomach.
DongHae: Does that thought let you bake buns that taste right but hard to bite like a stone?
You: Bwo?
DongHae: I ate your buns. The taste is good. But..
You: Ya ya..it’s hard like stones. Not good for the old teeth like yours.
DongHae: -smile-
You: Oh! Are you smiling? Ah, jinjja! I never saw you smiling.
DongHae: You’re so cute. –patted your head- Huhu.
You: He beings normal and friendly to me. This is unexpected. Kyaa!

The time is just nine. Chef Lee and you were having the cake that was bake by him.

You: Aishh, I lost my appetite as I look at the cute topping. That’s why I asked you to not put the topping. And I most bought your buns than the cakes because they’re too cute to be eaten.
DongHae: If you don’t have it, then you would lose the chance.
You: Erk yae. I’ll eat it.
DongHae: -giggle-
You: Bwoya? He’s smiling again. –enchanted-
DongHae: Why are you staring at me like that?
You: Why are you acted like that? It’s very scary.
DongHae: -giggle-
You: You did it again.
DongHae: -comes near you-
You: -absolutely enchanted-
DongHae: -gently kissed you-
You: I’m dying. –shocked-
DongHae: It taste good. –giggle-
You: Andwae! He’s going to married, right? He shouldn’t.. Nappeun namja.
DongHae: Bwoya?
You: You shouldn’t do this to your future wife. You’re getting married. –angry-
DongHae: Ha?
You: -rushing out from the house- He dares to do this to me? How could he? It is not because I’m under age so he could treat me as what he wants to. Bad old man! –sobbing-

Lee Dong Hae ran to the bakery shop as he got instinct that __________ might be there. As he arrived right in front of the bakery, there was no one except himself and the shadow. Sigh. But then he heard a voice sobbing. He looked around and saw a shadow of a girl under the street lamp. He neared the girl and that was ___________.

DongHae: You shouldn’t stand there. Anyone will notice a girl who crying under the street lamp.
You: There were about two to three cars went through here. But not even one makes their sound. Yet you’re the first noticed this girl. Tsk.
DongHae: -hugged you- Shall I say sorry? Hmm but I’ve no wrong to you. I’m sure.
You: You should say sorry for loving other woman. You’ve hurt my heart. I don’t want that woman get you first before me.
DongHae: Bwo? Woman? Who?
You: -looked up to him- Is it that you will get married soon?
DongHae: Ha? I’m not.
You: But Chef Jun said that you went shopping with your family for the wedding next month.
DongHae: Ahh, that’s my cousin’s wedding. How can you think that I’m going married?
You: No idea. But why did you kissed me? And now you’re hugging me?
DongHae: Err ehem! –tighter his hug- Hahh it’s very cold, right? –awkward-
You: Bwo? –weird- What’s happening? I can hear his heartbeat going fast.
DongHae: I love you.
You: -shocked- Bwoya?! –pushed him away-
DongHae: Yah, can you do it slowly?
You: Don’t say it if you don’t meant it. I know that I’m younger than you but I also know what love is. Stop playing to my heart. –strict-
DongHae: Geez! –suddenly kissed you deeply- I meant it.
You: Jinjja?
DongHae: -nod- Saranghae, _________.
You: Finally. –happy-

You were in your journey backed to home accompanied by Chef Lee. You had bundle of nerve when walking beside him. You even couldn’t stop yourself from smiling all the time.

DongHae: Don’t be so excited. I may leave you tomorrow.
You: Bwo?!
DongHae: -giggle- I’m just kidding. –smiling- Give me your hand.
You: Bwoya? –lent him your hand-
DongHae: -put off his right glove- Wear this on your right. And this side let it be in here with mine. –smiling-
You: -smiling- I never thought that you’re kind of romantic. Saranghaeyo, Chef Lee.

As both of you arrived in front of your house, both of you were ready to say goodbye.

DongHae: Does I’ve to tell your parents that you went to my house?
You: Gwaenchana. I’ve told them. Ermm goodnight. Bye.
DongHae: Don’t forget to come to the bakery tomorrow. –happy-
You: I wouldn’t.

When you went into the house, you just noticed that you still wearing Lee Dong Hae’s glove.

You: Oh! I should give it back to him tomorrow. –looked at left hand- This hand is warmer than the right one. Huhu. His hand is like an oven that suitable to bake my love. Hikhik–happy-

ps: Kyaa! I lack of ideas but I still wanted to create a fiction. Hihi. Pabo!



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