Hati Kala Cinta

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A novel I bought last Sunday.
Written by Hani Fazuha.

When I read the description,
I thought it was just a simple story.
But it was unexpected,
the novel is so damn cool!

I almost fall in love with Zhafran.
He's so romantic and naughty. Huhu

And Lya, some about her are just like me.
Yeah. I felt like I was in the story.
Honestly, I cried at some parts
because I thought Lya was me.
Ah! That was ridiculous and amusing! Huhu

As usual, I'll write some words after done reading.
So the phrase for this novel,
"Untuk jatuh cinta, ia terasa mudah tetapi
untuk melupakan insan yang dicinta ia
tidak semudah jatuh cinta"

Come! Try to enjoy the novel!
There won't be regrets. Hee

p/s: Congratulation Hani Fazuha! I love your writing!



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