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This is trending on facebook now.
I'm sure it also trending on twitter
and other social networks.

What a shocking news?
Leeteuk's father and grandfather
passed away in a car accident.
It's much shocking to hear
it was caused by sasaeng fans?

I was speechless.
This sad news suddenly
attacked my brain and heart.
Like other ELFs feels,
it was heartbreaking.
Some must be crying out loud,
and some just keep their tears
deep inside the heart. Like me.
I'm type that hard to cry but instead,
my heart is easy to feel hurt.

There's nothing I can do.
Unless, trending the hashtag.
I feel useless. Very useless.
Poor oppa~
Only that I can said.
Mianhae, oppa.

Each ELF wish to be right beside you now.
But still only some of us can do so.
Be strong dear oppa!
You have us. Millions of us.
I know, it may not good enough.
But still...you have us.
Stay strong Park Jung Soo!



we're all stars that brightens each other starlight a little bit better for the better -07/05/2020-