ELFiction : Super Duper Namchin (Siwon)

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Finally, a fanfiction after years! Basically, I have no theme for this. I just made it. At first, the image that came into my mind was my beloved Yesung. But then, came the soft and kind angel Letteuk. Followed after that was gentleman Siwon. However, most of this was made with Siwon-based. Still, character specification is not yet decided. Let's say, I just pouring out my fanfiction-writing needs lol. Also, excuse my grammar hehe. Happy Reading! And don't forget to leave a comment. xoxo =) 

Good looking, well dressed, silky black hair, pink lips, fair skin, I thought it was just my imagination. I thought it was more likely a fantasy that was can never be real. Until he looked straight into my eyes and gave a small but bright smile. It felt like a sharp and fast lightning stroke my heart and caused my body went numb simultaneously.

“Hi! Regular, please.”

I thought I heard things. But never mind. I would rather looking at this very charming and fantasy-like man who was standing and looking at me. Did he even spoke to me?

“Ehem. Excuse me, miss.”

Yes. Seemed like he did.

“Miss.” He snapped his two fingers right in front of my face

I was puzzled and went blank for awhile. Like magic, I finally settled down that all of this was not my mind’s creation. It was a gift, a bless! He was real.

“Yes? Err…I’m sorry. May I have your order?” There, I was totally exposed. Awkward and dumbfounded.

“Err…regular one.”



My fingers would not move. My eyes were looking at the machine just like how I was looking at my calculus notes as always; confused, messed up, dead end.

“I’m sorry. What do you mean by regular?” I asked. Unprofessionally.

He was silent. His clear dark brown eyes were looking at me, sending me another electric shot that frozen me head to toe.

“I don’t think you’re new.”


I shook my head while covering my mouth with the both hands. Lord! This man really messed me up. My guts were jumping and spinning like dry laundry. Nauseous and anxious.

“Never mind. Maybe you’ve a lot in minds. We’ve met a few times. I am one of the regular customer here. And of course, I always make the same order. With the same person.”


Stop! This man totally a mess. Which I impossible to clean it up. Wake up, girl! He was just a good looking customer with manga-character-like features.

“I’m sorry. I’m quite lost today. Yes. Yes, I remember. I have your order.”

Finally, my fingers were working. Pressing on buttons and setting up his regular order just like my memory told me. I knew he was watching me. I meant, my work. Maybe waiting for another stupid flaw. However, I could felt the warmth that caused my two cheeks burning.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yes, sure.” I tried to relax my tone but it still not working much.

“Aren’t you working too hard? You’re not looking quite good.”

“Thank you for your concern. But I’m fine.” A bit pretentious but polite. Just if he knew how fine he was that I could not felt fine anymore. What if he knew? What would happen? Oh! Better stop thinking more nonsenses.

“Your order is getting ready and here is the receipt.” I took out the receipt from the machine and passed it to him. Yet he was busy rubbing into his pockets.

“Do you have a pen?”

“Yes. Here.” I passed the receipt along the pen that I used to keep in my apron. Just in case. 

“Is that the receipt?” He asked again.
I just nodded.

“Turn it around.” He commanded. 

“Excuse me?” Again, I was lost. But this time he totally in fault. What was with turning around the receipt? Still, I obeyed.

“Yes, like that. Write it at the back of the receipt.”

“Huh?” I was absolutely confused.

“Your number.” My eyebrows went it way up to the forehead. My brain was having its processing time. Did I heard it wrong? 

He make himself closer to the counter and rested his both hands on it. This time, no fool, he was staring right through my little dusty spectacles and met my nervous eyes.

“Write it or I won’t pay.” He threatened with his soft and gentle voice. 

A bait! Call me idiot but yes, I ate it up. Never mind why. But I did wrote my phone number on the back of receipt diligently like it was the last paper of final exam.

“Number 5!” A co-worker from the kitchen shouted my counter number which meant my orders were ready.

Finished the writing, let go the pen, I quickly got the order that was his. As I back to the counter, the receipt where my number was written already in his hands. He made his payment with some kind satisfied face. Guess I was teased by him.

“Here’s your order.”

“Keep it. It’s a trade. Plus, it seems you need it more than me. Stay good. I’ll meet you again.”

There, he said and leaved like hot brewed coffee. Unpleasant taste but aromatic smell. Make me felt dizzy but captivated. So, what should I do with the trade? It was a hot dark black coffee with two spoons of sugar. Lord! This man really messed me up. 

A one night work! So, shall I continue this or put this until here only and let your imagination flowing like super duper dreamy waterfall?? I'm thinking to continue with all current members included but still unsure. Well, it's midsem break! haha



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