Cinta Is Love

cinta itu anugerah
cinta itu kasih sayang
cinta itu penghargaan
cinta itu pengorbanan
cinta itu kesakitan
cinta itu kesetiaan
cinta itu penipuan
cinta itu permainan
cinta itu kejujuran
cinta itu hadiah ALLAH

I hate to Fall In Love again,
And I hate to hear about Love,
but Love never can be rid from my heart,
Because I'm a lover.
I have someone, something to love.
Even I had ever lost this one love,
and it already had broke the whole of my heart,
there is other love that could heal it.
From Allah...
it went through Yesung oppa.
It is rude to say like that?
Then, I'm sorry to those who feels like that.


Cik Kay Jue said...

cinta... macam2 boleh jadi...

yang penting cinta Kepada Allah... ;)

aima afna said...

thanks dear :)
cinta Allah kekal abadi ^^