Do We Alike? Hehee

Hey, guys! I wanna share something. Since I grew up, myself changed a lot. Then, I noticed everyone looked at me as a weird person. Because of that, sometimes I hate myself so much. I want be friend, have friend, but yet myself caused me hard to look for friend. But after I got knew this guy, I learnt to appreciate myself. It was hard but I have to. Yes. I'm talking about my bias, Yesung oppa. Let's watched this video. What was Eunhyuk thought when it was his first time met Yesung.

The same thing happened to people who got to know me.
They said I scared them. But that expectation changed when they known me more.
It's much positive. By the way, proud to be myself a 4D girl. Huhu.

P/S: Eyes can make a fool on you. What you see, sometimes is not alike what you feel.

Happy Blogging!

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