ELFiction: Do It Right!

Err...Okey. Honestly, this all gara-gara this one dongsaeng names Sarah. Hihii...Rajin betul dongsaeng ni buat fiction. Farahin pun cuba rajinkan diri untuk membacanya. Baca fiction dongsaeng tu buat Farahin berangan sorang-sorang. Hahaa. Tup tup mendorong Farahin untuk cuba try test jugalah aplikasikan apa yang Farahin imagine dalam bentuk penulisan. So here it is! Hehee...

Sebelum itu, maaf di atas broken english-nya. lol (>_<)

Hahaa...! Masa first time nampak gambar ni ingatkan oppadeul pakai skaf bertelinga. Rupanya rambut oppadeul. Kehkehkeh...

You was writing a letter for someone on that night. A love letter. Once you heard your mom called from outside of your room, you quickly hide the letter under your exercise book. Mom may scold you if she knew that you had a crushed at school.

Mom: _____, do you still awake?
You: Err yae. Wae? (Mom get in your room)
Mom: (Mom get in your room. Smiling brightly.)
You: Wae?You looks so happy tonight.
Mom: Come here. Sit with me.(Both of you sit on your bed.)
You: Waeyo?
Mom: Look at this. It is beautiful, right?(Show you a ring.)
You: Omo!So beautiful. Appa gave it to you? Yah..you're so lucky.(Excited face. Full of happiness.)
Mom: Aniya.This is yours.(give the ring to you.)
You: Bwo?Nan?But...appa gave it to you, right?
Mom: Aish! I never said that it was from your appa. It is from your ahjussi.
You: Ahjussi?Jong Woon appa? Omma. You and appa had married almost 18 years. Why you be like this? Don't you pity at him?(Mom start make a weird face.)
Mom: Aishh jinjja this kid!Bwo?What are you thinking? This ring was given by ahjussi for you.
You: Huh?For me?
Mom: Yae.
You: (Take the ring. And put it on your finger.)Is it really for me?(Keep look at the ring on your finger.)
Mom: Nae. We planned to marry you with Kim Jong Woon.
You: Bwo?!(SHOCKED.)Andwae!(Take out the ring from your finger and give it back to your mom.)
Mom: Wae?Why can't?Wae? Do you already have a boyfriend?
You: Err..aniya. Because...Jong Woon and me have been friends since we were child. I don't think it can be more than that.
Mom: Then that is good. Both of you had known each other. So it wouldn't be so hard when you're married.
You: Omma~
Mom: Think about it.(Stand and walk out from your room.)
You: Omma~
Mom: Good night.(Leaving you.)
You: Hukhuk...eotteokhae? Oppa~(Look at the ring with dissatisfied feeling.)

You just wake up from your sleep in front of your study desk. Cold breeze from outside of the window had woken you. Seems like you forgot to close the window last night. You looked at the wall clock. 6:45a.m. You opened your eyes widely and looked at your alarm clock.

You: Yah!The battery had expired?!Aishh.(Rush take the towel and take a bath.)

As you arrived at the school, your heart started beating so fast. You feel quite nervous. The letter that you wrote last night was in your hand. Because of that letter you fall asleep last night. You want give that letter to him today. Hope everything will be success. Suddenly...

Yesung: Careful!(Hug you and both of you fell onto the ground. He want avoid the netball from hitting you.)
You: Erk.
Yesung: Gwaenchanayo?(Yesung's face is very near to yours.)
You: Yi...yi..yae.(You feel nervous look at his face.)
Yesung: (Trying get his face more near to you. He's trying to kiss you. But then, you turn your face away from his.Yesung realised that. He stand and give his hand to you.)
You: Gomawo.(Take his hand.)
Yesung: (Smiling when see ring that given by his father is on your finger.)You wear it?
You: Hah?Yae.
Yesung: So you accept it?
You: Erm...not yet.(Turn away from him and start look for something. The letter that you hold. You lost it when both of you fall onto the ground.)
Yesung: I knew it. You wouldn't let our friendship get into the next chapter.
You: (Ignore him. Hah! You found the letter. Turn back to Yesung and kick his left leg.)
Yesung: Ouch! Yah. Why did you do that?! (Jumping with one right leg.)
You: Yah. You know that I wouldn't let that be. Then, why don't you stop your father? (Scold him.)
Yesung: I can't. He really likes you. He even had warned me early do not disobey his decision.
You: Coward!Humph.(Walk away and leave him.)
Yesung: Bwo?What did you called me just now?
You: (Turn your face back to him and stick out your tongue.)

You was standing at the outside of his class. You felt very nervous. The letter still hold by you. You want put the letter in his desk drawer but afraid if you got caught by the students inside the class. All were your senior. Plus, you don't want embarass him. Luckily, you saw a girl student went into the class. You asked her to pass the letter to him. You also asked her to keep this as a secret. As you leave the class, he just get in to the class.

Girl: Ah!Donghae-ah.There is a letter for you.
Donghae: Bwo?From who?
Girl: A girl. I think our junior. You got a fan ha.
Donghae: Gomawo. (Take the letter and went to his place.)

During recess time, you walked in front of Donghae's class. You looked inside but he wasn't there. Never mind. He may at the canteen. Suddenly when you walked near the boys washroom, Donghae came out and surprised you. He push you against the wall and kissed you deeply. You was shocked and closed your mouth with both of your hands. Your eyes started tearing. This guy started scared you.

Donghae: So you was that girl?This letter, is it from you?(Show the letter that had given by you.)
You: (Shake your head.)
Donghae: Ouh...so who's name with ________?(Look at your name tag on your school shirt nearly.)
You: (Donghae really scared you. So you push him away and went run away from him.)
Donghae: Gotcha! (He caught your hand. Then, he pull your hand and hugged you tight. He kissed both side of your neck and keep did it again and again.)
You: Oppa..don't. Oppa...(You felt uncomfortable.) Oppa!!(Push Donghae strongly away. You started felt suck towards him.)
Donghae: Wae? You wrote about my lips and praised it in this letter. I just want you to feel it.
You: (Donghae's words hurt you. Your eyes getting red and tearing a lot. You walked towards him and kicked his left leg.)
Donghae: Ouch!Yah!
You: (Leaving with a broken heart.)

Recess time had ended. Yesung was looking for you. He went to your class but you wasn't there. Yet you was sitting under the shady tree near the lake at the school's garden and crying non-stop. You hurt so much. You never expected that Donghae would did like that towards you. He didn't respected you at all. Kept scared you and make you felt suck. Suddenly, Yesung came to you.

Yesung: ______-ah.
You: (Keep crying. Even tried to hide your face full with tears from him.)
Yesung: I wouldn't ask why. But if you need shoulder to cry on, I'm here.(Sit beside you)
You: (Turn back to Yesung and hug him. Crying.)

It has been so long Yesung and you at the garden near the lake. You was laying on his lap and closed the eyes. You felt safe and peace. You hope that moment can be much longer. Suddenly, you got a soft kiss from Yesung.

You: Tsk.(Hurt.)
Yesung: Wae? Is it hurt?
You: Nae.(Your lips hurt because of Donghae's.)
Yesung: Mian.
You: You had knew it long ago, right?
Yesung: Nae. I saw it.
You: Then, you should not did it.
Yesung: Mianhae.
You: Mianhae. You must be hurt.
Yesung: (sigh)Gwaenchana. I know you hurt more.(Gently plays with your hair.)
You: Thank you.(Back close your eyes.)
Yesung: _______-ah. 
You: Nae.(Still close your eyes.)
Yesung: Saranghae. (Kiss your forehead)
You: Kamsahabnida.
Yesung: Yah. You should say it back.
You: Later.
Yesung: (pout.)
You: (In your heart, "Kamsahabnida, Kim Jong Woon. Saranghae")

In the middle of December, it was your engagement with Yesung. Soon, both of you will continue the study. All the students from your school were invited. Donghae also there to congrats you. There was a girl beside him. A girl who you asked to pass the letter to Donghae long ago. That girl told you that Donghae do love you but he make a big mistake when tried to show it to you. Yet, she got the place in his heart after he suffered because of that mistake.

P/S: If you want your love looks right, then do it right :)

To Sarah, hope tak marah coz unnie guna cara penulisan yang sama. Mian.

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