ELFiction: I Love You -Part1- (Siwon ft. Eunhyuk)

Perghhh berlagak retis nampak Farahin buat cover fiction sendiri? Hehe. Tidak bermaksud begitu! Sekadar mencuba menggunakan teknologi serba canggih yang sedia ada. Habis payah sangat nak jumpa gambar EunSi berdua! Hae mesti ada saja menyelit di mana-mana. huhu. Ini kerja Farahin cuti CNY ni. hehe.

p/s: Do comment my broken english ya. hee

Choi Si Won and you are foster siblings. Both you don’t have any blood relationship. However, you and Siwon are very closed. You was brought by his dad when you was a baby and has become part of the family. But then Siwon’s mother never liked even loved you. She always scold you and hit you sometimes. Siwon  is not willing to let you be treated in such way by his mother so he brought you to live with him.

You still on your bed when Siwon silently entered your room. He opened the window of your room and let the cold morning breeze blowing into your room. He then slowly stroking your head and wake you up.

Siwon: Good morning.
You: Morning.
Siwon: Wake up. School is waiting for you. I have prepared the breakfast.
You: Arasseo. I want get a shower first.
Siwon: Sure. I wait. –leaving the room-

After finished taking your shower and had a yummy breakfast which had prepared by Siwon, you then went to school by car driven by Siwon. As you arrived in front of the school, as always you kissed Siwon’s cheek before enter the school.

You: I’m going. –kiss his cheek and leave the car-
Siwon: Err _______ah. –out from the car-
You: -stop- Yae.
Siwon: -went towards you and suddenly hug you-
You: Yah, oppa. Waeyo?
Siwon: Nothing. Just want to hug you.
You: Huh? Oppa. You sounds sad.
Siwon: -let you go- Hmm take care yourself okay. –smile-
You: Yae. You too. –smile brightly and kiss his cheek again then enter the school-

Your class was having a Mathematic subject. Suddenly, the principal entered the class and brought a student along with him. He then leave the class and the student.

Teacher: Class. Today we have a new student. His name is Lee Hyuk Jae. Hope you all be nice to him.
Eunhyuk: -bow- Annyeonghaseyo. My name is Lee Hyuk Jae. You can call me Eunhyuk. Hope we can be good friends.
Teacher: Alright. Eunhyuk. You can have your seat.

Eunhyuk walked along the row where you were in and take his sit behind you.

The bell sign of recess time just rang. You want go to the canteen and buy some food for your hungry stomach. But then you saw Eunhyuk stayed still at his seat so you bravely tried to approach him.

You: Hi.
Eunhyuk: Hi.
You: Erm don’t want go to the canteen along?
Eunhyuk: Ha? We?
You: Yup. So?
Eunhyuk: Err okay.

You then spent your recess time with Eunhyuk. Both of you then took the advantage to know each other better. Day after day, both you and Eunhyuk got closer. Even the students started making story that both of you were in love. However, you and Eunhyuk never care about that. Both of you even love it. Plus, both of you were single.

You was waiting for Siwon in front of the school gate. It has been about 30 minutes and you even feels tired waiting for him. Plus, the day was getting dark. Luckily, there was Eunhyuk.  At first, Eunhyuk want sent you home by his motorcycle. But then, Eunhyuk take you a ride around the city till its night.

You: Eunhyuk-ah. Thank you for taking me a ride.
Eunhyuk: You’re welcome. Err can I ask you something?
You: Yes, sure.
Eunhyuk: I heard you live with your foster brother. Is that true?
You: Yae. Wae?
Eunhyuk: Oh, nothing. Just asking. Err It’s late. You should get in now.
You: Okay. See you tomorrow at school.
Eunhyuk: Alright.
You: Bye.

Eunhyuk started the engine and leave the house. You then entered the house with a bright smile on your face. Somehow you felt very happy on that night. When you entered the house, you was shocked when saw Siwon was sitting in the living room. You thought he still not returned yet. Plus his car was not in front the house.

You: Oh, oppa. When did you back?
Siwon: Where just you went from?
You: Err oppa. Mianhae. I just went out with my friend...
Siwon: Who? That kid? Don’t you know that I wait for you?
You: I wait for you too. But then I thought you may had some job to do so...
Siwon: So go with that kid! –started yelling-You can’t even waiting for me a minute? Why don’t you took a bus just like usual?
You: -the eyes started tearing.- Mianhae.

You apologised him and ran to your room. It was your first time got scold by Siwon and you was freaking shocked. Along this time he always talked to you nicely. He never raised his voice towards you. He even bravely raised his voice towards mother to protect you.

You: -crying because of shocked- Tsk..
Siwon: -entered your room- ________-ah.
You: -quickly wiped your tears-
Siwon: -sight. Sat beside you on the bed- Mianhae. I raised my voice.
You: -ignored him-
Siwon: -kneel in front of you and wiped your tears- Jeoseonghaeyo?
You: -nod-
Siwon: _______-ah.
You: -looked at him with the red eyes-
Siwon: -suddenly gently kissed your lips-
You: -shocked- Op...pa.
Siwon: Saranghaeyo. Don’t make me worry about you. I hate it.–leave the room-
You: -in the heart- What happened just now? Oppa...kissed me?-blur-

To be continue...


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