ELFiction: I Love You -Part2- (Siwon ft. Eunhyuk)

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Since the incident, you and Siwon  start to feel  awkward for each other. Both of you rarely sat and laugh together anymore. Both only talked when need to. You also didn’t kiss Siwon’s cheek every morning before go to school like usual. Siwon also didn’t ask for it like how he always did as a joke when you forgot about it. Both of you no longer look like brother and sister.

Siwon: We’re here.
You: Oh. –try to open your sit belt-
Siwon: Looks like you getting closer with that kid. –saw Eunhyuk at the school gate- Each morning he wait for you.
You: I’m going. –out from the car- I’ll back with Eunhyuk today so no need to fetch me.-leave-
Siwon: Aishh this kid.

Siwon drive to his office. As he entered the lobby, his assistant already there waited for him. She then reminded him that he has few meetings and some documents to sign. Suddenly, his phone started ringing. It was his mother.

Siwon: Hello.
Mom: Siwon-ah. Omma miss you. Don’t you want to come here?
Siwon: Oh, omma. Yae. I miss you too. Wae? Do you want me to come there?
Mom: That’s better. Do come here this tonight okay. I’ll prepare the dinner.
Siwon: Yae. Arasseo. I will come.
Mom: Err you won’t bring her along right?
Siwon: -sigh- Yae. I won’t. –fake smile-
Mom: Good. Okay. Remember about the dinner. Don’t be late.
Siwon: Yae. Arasseo. –off the phone-  ssi, do I have any meeting tonight?
Ass.: Err Yae. One only. Waeyo?
Siwon: Do cancel it and change to another day.
Ass.: Ah, yae. –both entered the lift-

You was waiting for Eunhyuk at the school gate.  Few minutes later, he rode his motorcycle out from the school and stop next to you. He then help you put on the helmet. You love the way he treated you. After that, both of you went to the cafe before home and have some white coffee and a piece of chocolate cake for each of you.

You: Mmm nice coffee. –just drank the coffee-
Eunhyuk: Geez.
You: Huh? Bwo?
Eunhyuk: You look cute.
You: Ha?
Eunhyuk: -sigh with smile. Then put his thumb on your lips- Now much better.
You: -enchanted- Oh,gomawo. –blush-
Eunhyuk: Wae? Are you fascinated to me?
You: Ha? –turn your face away from him. Shame- Pabo! What did I think?
Eunhyuk: -smile-

Siwon park his car in front of his parents bungalow. His mother already waited for him at the door. It has been months Siwon didn’t come to the bungalow since he took his sister out from the bungalow. Siwon smile when met his mother and hug her. His father was standing behind. Smiling looked at the mother and son.

Mom: Hmm, omma really miss you so much.
You: Yae. Me too.
Dad: She lost her wrinkles when knowing that you’ll coming visit tonight.
You: Haha.
Mom: Yah, yeobo.
Dad: Haha. Come. The dinner is ready.

You and Eunhyuk just arrived in front of the house. As you went enter the house, suddenly Eunhyuk called for you. He then went towards you and kissed your forehead. He ended it with smile. You were shocked for what he just did.

Eunhyuk: Kamsahabnida.
You: For what?
Eunhyuk: Nothing.  It just...I think I should thank to you.
You: -smile- Thank you too.
Eunhyuk: For what?
You: Nothing.
Eunhyuk: Haha...

While you and Eunhyuk were happily laughing to each other, suddenly Siwon arrived right by time. He went out from the car and looked at both you and Eunhyuk with his cold face. Seeing Siwon, Eunhyuk bow and leave the house. Siwon then close the car door and went into the house.

You: Are you angry? –bravely asking-
Siwon: -stop- Get in. It’s cold now. –Ignored you-
You: -sigh-

Eunhyuk was lying on his bed as he looked at an image on his phone screen. It was an image of a girl who has the same age as him. Should I proceed to do it? Eunhyuk questioned his heart. Suddenly, his phone was ringing. A call from his father.

Eunhyuk: Hello.
Father: When will you done your job?
Eunhyuk: I will. Give me some time.
Father: Alright. But make it quick. Or I will send my people.
Eunhyuk: Yae. Arasseo.
Father: Remember. Make me proud. –off the phone-
Eunhyuk: -sigh-

It was already late. Yet Siwon still awake, standing at the balcony alone and had a cup of hot chocolate. Then you joined him as you had a hard time to sleep.

You: -sigh- Oppa.
Siwon: -look at you just once-
You: Erm mianhae if I have did something wrong. –nervous-
Siwon: What was it?
You: -quiet-
Siwon: What is your relationship between that kid?
You: Ha? It’s nothing. We just friends. Really.
Siwon: Really?
You: -nodded-
Siwon: ______-ah. Do you love me?
You: Huh? –blur-
Siwon: I love you.
You: Oppa.
Siwon: I hate to see you with other guy. It’s hurt inside. –smile-
You: Oppa. I still don’t understand.
Siwon: Wae? Do you want me to kiss you again to make you understand?
You: Ha? Ani...It's...
Siwon: Mianhae. Sorry for that day. I went too far. I should not let you know how I feel. You’re still young. –sigh-
You: -gently touch his hand which was holding the cup of hot coffee- The coffee is hot. But it is cold in my heart. Maybe you can make it warm. Your love may comfort it.-look at him- Oppa. You’re not going too far. You just have a step forward to love me more. –smile-
Siwon: Thank you. –hug you-

To be continue....

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