August and The Red Glasses

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WARNING ! : This is Fangirling post :p

Okay. I'm absolutely tired right now. My eyes already red but it's evening now. It's not nice to have a nap. So what's the matter with August and The Red Glasses? Erm the truth is nothing. But I've something to say about it. Here. Come closer. No no no. Not that close. Your eyes, I mean eyes, do focus on this post. Hihi. Today in my class, when I wanted to write an essay, accidentally I wrote 1st August 2013 as the date. Bwoya?! August? We just in April?? Huhu. I don't know why. But I guess maybe I miss that guy? That guy who born on 24th August 1986. Yes. That guy. Yes! That guy is Yesung. My beloved biased. Huhu. Annoyed? Okay. Do close the tab. Hee.

That's about August. Now how about The Red Glasses? Woo~ sound mysterious? Oh yeah Oh yeah! Let's move your head like how BEAST did in their Mystery mv! Haha. So, yesterday I met a chinese junior name Tan Soon Wah. Yeah. I knew him. He's kind and polite to his nuuna. Uuuu~ I like that. Hihi. He wore a pair of spectacles with red frame. Aigoo~ It remind me to Yesung also! I smiled by myself after met Tan Soon Wah because aigoo~ Yesung oppa image was playing in my mind! Blush blush. Huhu. Yae. I miss that guy. Really miss him. Till then, thanks for read! Sorry for annoyed you guys. Hehe

My most favorable part of Yesung is his eyes and lips. And I love his dark-side. Awww~ *pervert* XD

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