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Hey, guys! Just finished copied my Continuous Writing English Essay: Stars into my book. Now, going to paste the essay here. Do read and comment my broken english! hehe.

I like to see Leeteuk oppa wearing spectacles.

Every person have their own interest. The same goes to me. I'm interested in the music that had been specially brought from South Korea which is Kpop. Even there are many people talk nonsense about my interest, for me they just judge a book by its cover. Most of them thought a Kpop fan like me have been fooled by the beauty of the celebrities who some of them used make plastic surgery. Actually, I am not that stupid. Of course, I have my own reasons.

My name is Cassey and I am often called by my friends as Suju. Why? Because I am a fan of Super Junior, one of the most popular Kpop boy group in South Korea. Yes. I am an ELF. I became a fan of Super Junior since in 2011 when I accidentally listening to their song, Bonamana on the radio and got interested with it. Super Junior debuted in 2005 and has 13 members originally. However, today Super Junior has nine active members recently because the other 4 members were enlisted for their mandatory military service and some were departure from the group due to their problem with the company. I am biased of Yesung but leader Leeteuk always come first.

Leeteuk is the leader in Super Junior. He also the oldest member among the members. His real name is Park Jung Su.  He put Leeteuk as his stage name because he want to avoid the confusion between the name with one of the veteran actress Park Jeong Su. Leeteuk was born on 1st July 1983 in Seoul, South Korea. His height is 178 cm and 59 kg, weight. He moved from the Paekche Institute of the Arts to Inha University. His blood type is A. His main physical attraction is his dimple.

What do I like about Leeteuk is his spirit as a leader. He is a responsible and caring person. One night when all members were sleeping, Donghae and Eunhyuk complained to Leeteuk that they were hungry. Leeteuk  woken up and brought both Donghae and Eunhyuk to the stall which near to their dorm. Unfortunately, Donghae and Eunhyuk forgot to bring their money when they went out. So Leeteuk  spent his money to pay for food ordered by Donghae and Eunhyuk. Yet he ordered nothing. For me, Leeteuk is such a kind-heart. He just like a brother who cares about his younger brothers.

Leeteuk also a strong and hardworking person. As a leader of Super Junior, Leeteuk responsible to leading and guiding the members in media interviewing and schedules. However, he never complain due to exhaustion. Not even in front of the members. Once, the members found out Leeteuk was crying alone and it was because he was very tired and got too much pressure but he said nothing about it. He holds to his principle which is ‘effort,sweat,tears never betray us’

In April 2007, Leeteuk had involved in a car accident along with two managers and three members, Shindong, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun when they went home after a recording of the radio show, Super Junior Kiss The Radio. Effects of the accident, Shindong and Eunhyuk suffered minor injuries while Leeteuk had glass fragments embedded in his back and Kyuhyun broke his rib. Thankfully, after the surgery both Leeteuk and Kyuhyun was safe. After I found out about this past, I felt very grateful each time when it was their birthday and they still alive.

On 30th October 2012, Leeteuk was enlisted for his mandatory  military service and will discharged in 2014. He is the third member of Super Junior to fulfil the mandatory military enlistment after Kangin and Heechul. On that date, hundreds of foreign and domestic fans gathered at the Gyeonggido Euijeongbu 306 training center to send off Leeteuk. I was there too, shouted his name with other ELF and cried accidentally. Today, his absence in Super Junior just makes my heart grow fonder. I miss the leader more than Heechul who still at the army.

On 5th December 2012, Leeteuk was awarded for receiving perfect marks in shooting, reportedly hitting every bullseye on target from start until the end at the shooting skills test. This had proved that he could be a great shooter. During the basic training graduation ceremony at the training facility, Leeteuk stepped forward and commanded the entire group as the squadron leader. I was not surprised about this news. People used to say that everyone was born to be a leader. Yes. Leeteuk is one of them and I proud of him.

On 30th November 2012, Super Junior has awarded as Best Global Male Group,  Album Of The World, and Best Line Awarded  at Mnet Asian Music Awards 2012. They also performed two songs which is SPY and Sexy,Free and Single on the stage without the leader Leeteuk. After the ceremony ended, Super Junior bowed on the stage like how they did when Leeteuk still around. This shown that Leeteuk had taught them very well about be grateful and humble.

Leeteuk is such a great leader, brother and friend. He is full with dedication and persistence. Just like his stage name, Leeteuk which means ‘special’. Yes. Leeteuk are special for Super Junior and ELF. For me, there is only one such Leeteuk. He is the leader of the night stars and the biggest one during the daytime.

Hey, do you realised that you just read an essay with 10 paragraphs? Huhu. Sorry. It's too long, right? Hihii. Oh! I hope my English Teacher will read my essay sincerely. Well, I know that she kind of annoyed towards Kpop. Hee. Anyway, I have did some changes when copied this essay into my book. So this is just a previous one. Original~ haha

p/s: Cikgu, check penulisan saya bukan minat saya please. lol



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