ELF Searched For Hyperhidrosis Yesung ?!

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Hello, guys! Actually, I'm so damn lazy to write anything. But I'm in mood to edit something stupid. So, Tadaa !

I found this in SJelfFoundland statistic.
And I tried to search for it.

Kyaa~! So many. Anyway, ELF-ah, what did you tried to search actually? Hehe. Pretending like didn't know. Ngehehe. To non-kpopers, let me translate this. I bet my ELF tried to search for pictures or maybe stories of our Yesung oppa with his sexy sweating body. Am I right, girls? Haha. Aigoo! (>///<) Under age, under age. Hihii

Ehem! ELF, it's better if you only imagine about it. Because that much clearer than a picture! Kekeke. However, thank you for searching. If not, Google wouldn't increase SJelfFoundland's traffic. Kamsahabnida, chingudeul! Oh oh! I'm a hyperhidrosis sufferer. Actually, not really suffering. Huhu

p/s: When will Yesung oppa go for his military army? Is it confirmed?



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