No Class!

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NO CLASS! That's the title today.
As I would like to mention here w/o meaning to show off,
my class is well-known as first class.
Yep! We're Science 5-1 which the teachers thought we're intelligent bla bla bla...
But in fact! All students are just same. Am I right?
Good or Not Good, it is not our duty to say about it.

I'm not even a very good student.
Sometimes make mistakes with propose or w/o propose.
Just like the other students!
We're naughty and sometimes went bad also.

But to be in this first class,
even some people love to talk the good about us,
I still feel that this class is not under the bless. Why?
Damn! The students are intelligent but idiots! Not all.
They hurt the teachers heart.
Complained that and that...bla bla bla
And yet, everyone have to face the shame!
Kerana setitik nila, rosak susu belanga.

I'm very much shame to be in the class that seem like have no bless at all!
To be straight, the chinese students they think that they're so damn good at everything!
Not all of them thinks in that way.
But who thinks in that way, you're such shit!
You dares to complain almost all the teachers that teaching us.
What? Do you think we're in parliament to complain that and that about the teachers?
Dude! If you hate them, then just quit and out from the school!
Then go to other school you bitches!

I don't know why they have this kind of brain,
they're clever, good in academic, always get flying colour,
but yet...they behave like...grrr...
Why the first class students act like have no class at all?! Ergh!

For me, the teachers are so damn good during teaching us including our Physics teacher.
I always say that it's hard for me to understand and love Physics
because of the way the teacher teach us,
actually she's good! She's a GC. The other schools ever invited her for seminars.
It's only about my brain which too slow, too hard to understand the subject.

Today, our English teacher went mad again!
This all because of the bitches!
Why you've to complained about her
while she's the greatest English teacher as I ever met.

In my opinion,
if you want to complain about people who teach you,
you should do it soon in the university,
complain the lecturers who is not Malaysian.
Yes! Because they know nothing about our cultures.

But now,
the teachers are Malays, Indians, Malaysians and they're so damn good,
they never mind at our differences also,
they treat us all the same, fair and square.

Yes! Malaysia practice 'free voice' but there still the limits!
Do you know what I'm thinking now?
Are you communists??

Kalau cikgu bodoh, takkan ada 'cikgu' pada namanya.

Kalau pelajar bodoh...



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