New Life, New World, New Story

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Dear fellow friends and bloggers,

straight to the point...


I'm a kmj's student now.
I've new life,
new world,
and new story here.

Ups! I mean stories.

And also i make some new friends here.

But still can't easily forget these gorgeous girls.
yeah! Long Live RAFF's Gurlz! haha

Hmm...I'm in computer science course now...
Huhh...still berangan-angan mat jenin to be a veterinar.
Till then, full stop for the story of my angan-angan mat jenin.

Erm...what's more...

I wish...I hope...
I can...I'll do better here...
and be the better than the previous me.
I'm growing up girl!
Chill, babeyh! haha

Hmm...wondering what's he doing now...??
He? Who's he??
Who else...
Hey you, dear ex boyfriend...
how are you?
Fine..let the question end there.

Ups! Why I used english in this post?
Don't question me. Haha

Soon will be month of Ramadhan,
and Syawal will be next...
do prepare kurma and ketupat! Haha

I's enough here.
Starting now,
Super Junior.ᴱᴺᵀ may be much in peace and silent.

Last not least,
thank you for reading and following Super Junior.ᴱᴺᵀ.
And also thank you for those who read this.
Nurfarahin binti Kamaruzaman
will come back soon!
Just wait and see. Hee

Goodnight. Bye.

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