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Hello, bloggers!
Hmm, recently i'm not feeling well.
Not physically but mentally.
I think...I miss that guy.
Haha. I thought I can have my life in peace.
But it seems like not. Or maybe never.
This guy is such a huge question mark for me.
I used to miss the old time.
The moment where I still can fall in love with this guy
with smile and peace.
Unfortunately, everything had changed.
Me. Him. Even our life story.
We are strangers.
And I damn hate it.
I wonder if I may do another try...
to win this love story.
But...I don't think so.
I got fear inside me.
I am afraid to face the PAIN again.
It is even very painful now.
I'm not happy loving him this way.
But then, this guy is just hard for me to forget.
I was stuck in my own path.
It is really confusing
and make me full of anger towards myself.
A friend used to ask me to pray
if someday he and I can get together.
But even to do so I have fear inside me.
Like what I have wrote just now,
I am afraid to face the PAIN.
Haha. I have the WILL, but I used to have NO WAY in my words.
I cried tonight. Because I miss this guy.
Because I am confused.
When I was thinking, "will I get someone better?"
His face always appeared right on time in my mind.
Hmm. This is just a confession.
Don't take it heavily. Huu

p/s: I'm going to enjoy my first semester's week! ^^


Super Junior: This Is Love MV

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