Untitled Day

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Hello, peeps...
untitled day?

Wake Up Farahin!
Good morning people.
and ups! Assalamualaikum.
Hope it is still no to late to wish Salam Ramadhan to the muslims.
Puasa tau, jangan tak puasa.
Nanti tak ada duit raya.

Okey. Iklan sekejap tadi.

Tukar mood...

Life in matriculation college make me stresssszzz!!
Oh! Come on! Itulah rencah kehidupan seorang pelajar.
Yeah! Fighting! Go Go Farahin! Go Go ELF!
Eh! Suddenly become a fandom cheer. Hehe

I can handle my stress.
But I can't handle my sleep.
When I was sleepy, that was my big big big big problem.
Eh! Sound like a rap lyric.
Haha...not funny.

There are homeworks that still not done yet.
How can i enter the class w/o finish my homework??
Eleh! Macam tak biasa je kan.

Till then, end here.
Sorry for this ridiculous post.
Only want to inform that i'm still good.
But not so good.
I FEEEEEeeell Good! Tenet...tenet...
*dance I Feel Good*

Okay, chow!

p/s: Oh ATM machine! <(TwT)>



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