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Hello, peeps!
my new interest...J-Rock! Wanna join the club?

Finally, I am home!
Had graduated from matriculation college two days ago.
Now, waiting for the call of greatest future 4 months from here.
I hope there is an university want to take me in.

So, know I'm back to blogging!
It had been too long i posted nothing here.
So boriiinngg...

To Super Junior.ᴱᴺᵀ 's followers and other bloggers,
since today do mind inform me any giveaway or contest.
Dah lama abang posmen tak singgah rumah. Haha

Till then, chill yaw!
Meet you all other time.

p/s: Oh! This is the first post in 2015. What?!!


Ms. Kejupenyet said...

Saranghaeyo :)

Fai Haneul said...

been a j-rock fan before getting to know k-pop keke~ hopefully there will be some jrock bands coming to MAlaysia.. i want to watch them live XD

ELFarahin said...

@Fai Haneul yeah! jangan berhenti berharap ^^

ELFarahin said...

@Ms. Kejupenyet nado saranghanda,, hihi ^^


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