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Tadaima! Ecehh... acah2 jepun pula. Huhu
I'm home! Rindu pula kat Super Junior.ᴱᴺᵀ. Hihi
Teringat dekat orang. Haha

Dah 3 minggu Farahin kat ump.
Officially second year student of computer. Ehem.
Bajet senior jap. Haha

My day is getting busier and exhausting.
But i'm fine.
No matter what, that's life.
Gonna get stronger!
Fight for myself. Yosh!

For tonight, I've assignment to submit.
Baru tahu hari ni. Haish.
Itulah. Jadi student kena alert.
Tapi tak alert juga. Haha
My bad.

Apapun, gonna get it done tonight!
Pray for my best, peeps!
Onegaisimasu! Huhu

Okay then. Pendek je kot post ni.
Dapat distraction dari roommates ni.
Riuh beno. Oh! Roommates?
Maybe gonna talk about them later.

Sayonara! Mata ne =)

LIFE is about survival.
So DON'T Give Up and keep SURVIVE!



we're all stars that brightens each other starlight a little bit better for the better -07/05/2020-