1st Giveaway Won : SFRNFZL

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Hello, peeps! How're you doing? How's your raya?
Raya Farahin biasa2 je. Kind of boring la juga. Haha
But I am really enjoying my semester break.
Tidur, makan, tidur, makan, makan, makan,
tidur, tidur ASDHJKL Hahahahaha

By the way, this review is quite late.
Sampai je rumah minggu lepas, terus seluk tangan dalam sampul.
Finally! I got to see this gifts I won from SFRNFZL's Giveaway!
Actually, paling tak sabar nak usha gambar bakal-menantu-tak-jadi-mak.
YES YES YES! YESUNG!! My beautiful men. Hehe

This is the first giveaway Super Junior.ᴱᴺᵀ won in this 2018.
Dah lama tak main giveaway ni. Tak sangka masih ada tuahnya.
Along with the photo, also ada pencil case. I like it!
Besar. Abstract. Will make it fully use. Hihi

Last but not least, thank you for the gifts SFRNFZL.
During other free time, inshaallah I will enjoy more giveaway from you.
Tapi kena tengok mood juga. Hahahaha

Till then, SHRMZB. Kahkahkah
Bubye =)

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