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Hello, peeps! How are you?
How's your ramadhan?
Dah nak habis dah ni. Huhu

Hmm. I am very aware how bad my mind condition this semester.
And I am more aware of its effects. Physically.
Like, rambut mudah gugur and kulit kepala rosak.
Just about these few weeks my hair condition seems a bit better.
Other than those, I also started to experienced gastric like worst than I ever had.
It started a week before ramadhan and now it happened almost every day.
But still, not as worst as that previous week.
Pening sampai jalan terhuyung-hayang macam orang mabuk.
Muntah air, cirit-birit. Baring duduk semua tak kena.
Rasa macam bumi ni berputar lebih laju daripada biasa.
Hari ni pun cirit-birit. Dah lima kali keluar masuk toilet
baru terfikir nak sembang sini. Huhu

By the way, tomorrow will be my last paper.
I am not doing great with this one course.
Somehow, I know I have to repeat.
But still, I have to finish it all tomorrow.

Till then, goodluck on your last ramadhan.
And Eid Mubarak  =)

Mistakes are proof you are trying.

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