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i breath, breath, and breath
the deeper the air blow my lungs
it stings my chest
where the heart is in mess

i breath, breath, and breath
as much as sick this life is
the block minded, the cold heart
death is another pain that i wish upon to

i breath, breath, and breath
putting an act, i will be fine
smile and laugh insanely
bite my tongue and it bleed
yet here i am still living.


When It Comes To Relationship

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Happy lunch time semua! Kelas Farahin dah habis untuk hari ni. Macam biasa petang nanti ada latihan unit uniform kesayangan. Haha Sebelum I go for lunch, nak sembang sikit dekat blog ni. Sebenarnya idea tengah kering sekarang. But still, nak conteng juga dekat blog ni. Daripada Farahin duk tenung je sambil senyum2 sorang. Yeah. You may called that a blog complex? Haha. I just love my blog. Meh.

Jadi, when it comes to relationship. Fuh! Tajuk kemain. A few days ago, Farahin ada lunch sama dengan seorang kawan ni. Jarang lunch or sembang dengan dia ni. Sambil-sambil tu, terselit pula satu soalan cliche ni. "Farahin tak ada gewe ke?" Haa, gewe kau. Haha. Farahin terang2 jawab je tak ada. Dia tanya pula, "crush pun tak ada?" Farahin gigih geleng kepala. I said, "Tak ada yang menariklah dekat sini. Haha"

Look. Honestly, Farahin memang nak elak bab2 relationship ni. I don't know why. Somehow, this topic used to make me trigger. Who knows, that so called puppy love affected me until today. Nope. Put away the negative thought. We're all know how naive we were as we kids. So did I. Kalau sayang, memang sayang. It's the feeling I am talking about here. It's not about commitment, being matured and what ever after that. Because that time we were too innocent to think about being adult. It's just that moment, that time, that we were really wanted to cherish.

And today, here me try to act match to my age. Haha. When it comes to relationship, I don't have mean to play around anymore. Kalau nak main2, better buat member je. Lepak 24/7, I am fine. Nak ajak lawan main pikapline pun Farahin tak kisah. I am quite good. Especially, by the theme Friendzone. Hahahaha If I meant to have a relationship, Farahin tak minta banyak. Cukuplah relationship tu buat Farahin rasa selamat. Terutamanya dari segi emosi dan mental.
Feel safe, feel right. Inshaallah

Farahin pun memang dah awal2 confess dekat parent. "Mak. Farah lambat lagi nak kahwin tahu." Berat hati sebenarnya bila nak cakap tu. Well, Farahin anak tunggal. Tak ada orang lain my parent boleh harap. Takut2 my parent berharap sangat pula. But then my mak said, "Tak apa. Habiskan belajar. Kerja dulu. Beli rumah, beli kereta... tak payah fikir lagi pasal kahwin tu." Rasa sebaklah juga bila mak cakap macam tu. I know my parent trust me and give me the whole life freedom. Ibaratnya, "pandai2 kau nak bawa diri. kalau ada apa2, mak ayah selalu ada." Camtulah kot. Haha

So yeah, sedia atau tak, I just don't feel right to think about it more further. When that right person comes, at the right time, with the right feeling, when everything is right and alright, maybe I don't have to delay anymore. Buat masa ni, I still don't get enough with my life and myself. I want to love her more and play with her more. Because no one could love me as much as bad as I did. Hehe

Till then, I end it here.
Thank you for the time you spent.
Do comment. Would be appreciated.
Okey. Jom lunch =)

Embrace her. Hold her tight. Love her like no one else could.
Because she is the first thing you ever had. She is you.



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