Relationship - Precious or Scary ?

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Night, peeps! How's your day?
My day was just about being lazy cozy.
Watching "To The All Boys I've Loved" which
reminded me a lot to my best friend who used to have many crushes too.
Yes, she still. But I never care. Hahahaha

Okay. So today post obviously about relationship. Maybe. Let's say I was a bit frustrating about my another best friend's drama. I knew she got problem with her relationship and yes, also her boyfriend. She complained to me about many stuff which actually make me happy that she wanted to share her stories with me. Well, I always do.

So last night, our topic touched more about trust, respect, and loyalty. Chatting with her for an hour and plus, it seemed all those three about to break. Or maybe, already?

First of all, I am not in relationship. I've been not in a quite long time. But I've this kind of view about relationship and love which I guess I love the idea of love and having relationship but not the reality of it. Yeah, how immatured me ha.

In my opinion, what comes first in a relationship is trust. Not just this romantic relationship. I guess even relationship between stranger and stranger. Don't we dare to smile or have a small talk with some strangers that we meant to meet at the middle of the way or somewhere because there is a piece of trust we keep to ourselves for them? Like how i even started to talk to my classmate when that time we didn't even reached that "friends" stage yet?

So, I don't get it. Why some people being in a relationship if there is no trust to be commited? If the feeling about missing and wanted to have that person are two of the cases, to me it would be fine to be suffocated every single day because of that rather than have the relationship for meaning to satisfy our emotional hunger.

To me, relationship is not just about filling an empty seat beside us but also willing to trust the seater. Make sure each other comfortable and safe in their seats even though sometimes the rough roads make them bounced and shaking. It is trust that make them wanted to comfort and take care each other. It is not only one party being selfish with the thought want to be in relationship. Between WANT and READY, there are big differences.

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I asked her, does relationship is about how precious it is or how scary it is? She laughed. Because at that moment, i thought her relationship was scary. Her boyfriend seemed used to cut their very honest conversation with excuses to not getting hurt or have more trouble. What! what make him this scare? His girlfriend being honest because she concerned to trust him since it was about to fade but she still wanted to keep that very tiny trust she have. Yet this boyfriend make his way out by his own and leaved the girlfriend in awe. I wish he dare to be more more open with her.

I don't know if relationship does scary but I used to have this mindset that it is precious. Just like friendship that I always admire and love. and fan-idol relationship that I stuck with. Haha It is precious. So why do we scare to trust him/her? It is precious. So why don't we want to appreciate it together? It is precious. So let's give it all to fix it! Which now, it seemed my best friend worked everything out by herself.

After a long chat, she said that she was already fed up and only could think about breaking up. It have been one year since they together and same problem keep happening while there is no positive changes. Maybe, a little bit.

I tried not to use my friendzone superpower and said that it is up to her. If she already put it in mind, then go on. Otherwise, she can still defend the relationship. Decision is hers. Honestly, I don't support this toxic relationship with broken mutualism and parasites. However as a best friend, I tried to support this girl I love. I don't care about her boyfriend. I only care about her. Her mind. Her heart. Her well being. I will be hurt if she hurt. No joking.

Lastly, a short message for you gorgeous readers. Appreciate the relationship that you're having now. Be brave and daring. Relationship is beautiful. I just don't get it why we've to spoil it. Totally not worthy. Or is it because I am not in one? Ha-ha

Till then, thank you
and good night!
xoxo =)

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