Your August Monster

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Hi, people! Yeah. I know it's still October.
And August of the year had passed.
But still, the title is not wrong.

Actually, just a few days ago I made a video.
A combination of my two favorite songs.
I don't dare to call it remix or mashup.
Because I just basically put two songs in a video.
No extra editing or effects. How boring ha

Yet, I just want to share my happiness over these two songs,
Monster by Henry and August by G.Nine.
Henry is a multi talented performer, that's what I called him.
While G.Nine, I'm still new with this guy.
But so far, I found his arts are all charming.

So, here is the video.
Do watch, comment, and react if you can.
Supportive and brilliant words are recommended.
And enjoy playing eye staring with our lovely Kaneki Ken! Haha

I think I'm going to do more videos like this later.
Just not now. My student life mode is still on. Huhu

Till then, I end it here.
Thank you for your visits!
xoxo =)



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