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Hello, peeps! How're you doing?
It's already 2nd November.
But yeah i'm gonna have my October talk here.
Of course. Also, greetings to November! Haha

So, my October went well and ended well.
Maybe not that well. But still, Alhamdulillah.
I'm still alive and trying to survive longer lol.

Looking back at my mood last month,
I would call it Octoblue.
That's where I got the title for this post. Haha
Why I literally said so?
Because of these.

Sky is one of my favorite nature.
Rainy and gloomy days always give me chill.
Soft wind and the smell of wet grass, they are so wonderful.
And blue? Obviously it's my favorite color.

Those shots are all taken in October, in order. My campus.
I was quite exposing there. Hehe
My eyes just cannot looked straight ahead while walking
but looked up at those soft and fluffy stuffs there. Haha
And my hands, suddenly they were so eager to do some experiments
on the phone camera.
Well, I was and am satisfied.

With that, here I conclude this very short post.
Thank you October and see you again next year.
And, Hello November! Hello midsem break! lol
Happy Deepavali to our Indian friends too.
Thank you for reading this until this last line.
xoxo =)

maybe it's not because of the height and distance but
because i'm at this bottom which everything seems all beautiful.



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berpaksi pada graviti
mendongak ke langit tinggi
melangut menghitung hari
goyah namun tetap berdiri
apakah esok masih menanti?

berpijak pada bumi
menunduk ke hujung kaki
melangkah meskipun tidak berani
memikul bebannya perasaan
apakah esok tetap menjadi?

yang tersembunyi biarkan berinti
yang tidak pasti usah direka konklusi
tiap detik yang melepasi titik waktu
jangan dijangka yang infiniti
paksinya masih di sini.



assumption is a bad conclusion. -05/01/2020-