Sweet November

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Hello, people! How was your day today?
I hope it good. Even if it wasn't, I hope you're still good.
Inshaallah. Tomorrow will be a better day.

For tonight post, I would like to share a bit about my hanging out day with my best friends today. The opening was a breakfast at RailwayCoffee before we took off to shopping mall to have survey on Popular haha. Our very first intention was just to smell the books. Yet two of my friends did bought stuffs at the book shop.

After that, we were just randomly walking around the area of karaoke until we started to randomly being curious over claw pets and more arcade games at the area. The blue rm started to change into token and tokens. We ended up playing around with the arcades even those which actually for kids play. Would like to mention, this was our very first time in our very first sweet 22 playing those stuffs lmao.

Next, we finally went to the karaoke. We actually were waiting for the happy hour, which offered one hour free. That make it two hours for us to spend, haha. Room 21, we entered, where everyone started to be hysterical and losing voices and ended up using falsetto like dying donkeys, bwahahahaha. The last song was Pesan by Irfan Haris booked by me, we sang well for the closing tho, hehe. No mention two rounds for I Will Show You by Ailee during those two hours, huhu. It was a kpop song with high harsh notes, pheww.
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p/s: not this bad i mean worst tho. those men were all absolutely possessed lmao
Out from the karaoke, everyone was on mute mode lol. Also, we were all prepared for luncheonnnn! No thinking back and forth, kfc was the very first resort. We went to another mall where it was located. It wasn't like the previous mall doesn't have it. Let's say, we were intentionally wasting fuel and polluting the air, keke. Make order, order finished, eat eat eating time!

Then, here came the membawang session. Rommates, lecturers, courses, uniform training; as for me sispa and the other friend is palapes, crushes, siblings and more. Most of the time, like usual, like always, I enjoyed listening to their talks and stories. One of the impressive moments was, I quite talkative with this one friend which we both were actually used to categorized as passive best friends. Formerly, originally, we didn't talked a lot to each other since school like random useless unbeneficial talks. But today, we were quite talkative that make the other two friends kept teasing us, hee.

Done eating and talking, we were ready to back home. How fast time passed. From 9.00 am, it was finally 4.00 pm. Despite of that, we did had a lot like very too much laughs, jokes, and fun. Just with whom would I being and felt like this. I like my smile the most when I was with them. Because I knew how genuine my feeling was whenever they were with me. It took me 14 years to have this very precious friendship and now it closed to a decade worth. I'm so married to them.

Sweet november, sweet grilfriends, sweet twenty two!
Everyone have their stories, their scenes, their black and white. So do I. That's why I'm so into them. Back then, when I didn't had this thing called true friend, I was quite anti to this life and world. Question after question, just to burn this life with hatred. Until I met these three angels. No wings, no halos, just hearts and honesty. Alhamdulillah. I wish this friendship will last longer and longer until forever. Oh no! I'm about to have snot, haha.

Oh my! this is not a little sharing. too long already. ha-ha ha-ha

Till here, thank you for reading this.
I pray your realtionship and friendship are and will be good too.
No rush. No harsh. You'll meet your angel soon or later.
Good luck!
xoxo =)

Nothing is just another counting. Because when I'm with you,
even everything becomes uncountable.


Ugly Flower

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it's hurt when it's hurt
i have no mean to cover it up
but it's ugly when it's hurt
that wound, it's ugly
hurt more and more

it's hurt how your sharp eyes judging me
it's hurt how your soft whispers cursing me
it's hurt when it's hurt
i have no mean to cover it up
but the wound is opened again

it's hurt no matter how good i handle it
the wound stings my chest, burns my head
gasping for air when i'm still breathing fine
grab on thin spirit that only left
it's hurt when it's hurt

i'm the one who with thorn
i'm the one that is rotten
i'm the ugly and wounded living
why you have to cut on my root
why you have to torn my growing petals
it's hurt when it's hurt
i'm hurt and wounded.



we're all stars that brightens each other starlight a little bit better for the better -07/05/2020-