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Hello, peeps! How're you all?
Me? I'm fine. But a bit mess up. Haha
Why? Because midsem break is over!!

My head starts getting dizzy now.
It seems there are a lot of work to do already.
Assignment, final year project, assignment, and more up coming assignments.
I'm still trying to reset myself now.
My student mode still lagging lol.

Thinking about tomorrow,
it feels like I'm losing half of my fully charged battery.
On Monday, I have two classes like usual. 2 hours each.
During break or free time, I may working on my assignment then.
The next day, I may have another weekly presentation.
I checked on the notes just now. Ugh!! I don't get any of it.
Which means I have to study it more and more and more more more!!
Yet now I just want to lie down and being lazy.

Cannot think more. I will just keep thinking of the same things tho.
I only wish and pray that this second half of the semester will be good and better.
I hope I will remain good too. My mental, my health. Inshaallah.
Now, I start to feel nervous. Phewww

Till here, may our day will be better day by day.
Thank you for coming and reading this.
Good luck!
xoxo =)

so what if i fell, if i bleed myself and catch in pain, gasp for air and choke in is just me trying to keep up with this unfamiliar survive the fight that is impossible to retreat.



we're all stars that brightens each other starlight a little bit better for the better -07/05/2020-