Nihon Dorama

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Hello, peeps! Good morning.
Mood nak create sharing moment dekat sini this morning.
Actually, I don't sleep the whole night.
I was sleepy but I just can't. hmm

I love drama. Jepun, korea, thailand, chinese.
Unfortunately, drama melayu susah betul nak masuk dalam list haha.
Only one I had watched this year, Leftenan Zana lol.

Jadi pagi ni Farahin nak share pasal nihon dorama desu~
nihon tu jepun. dorama tu saje typo. hehe
since the beginning of semester, I had watched three remarkable dramas.
Yosh. Let's go straight to the list!

1. Sachiiro no One Room (10 Episodes)
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Drama ni adaptation from manga with the same title. It's about a 14 years old girl and her kidnapper. Menariknya drama ni, the girl don't have intention to go back home even when she is kidnapped and the kidnapper actually don't have intention to kidnap her. There are stories on both sides. It's not just simply a kidnapping case. There are more than that which make each episode enjoyable. Content tak heavy, neither cliche. Despite of it's a adaptation of manga, it does has deep message to convey.

2. Switched (6 Episodes)
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Firtsly, drama ni menampilkan empat karakter utama. 2 female students and another 2 male students. It all starts on the day when a girl is on her way to meet her boyfriend for a date. Yet she had to stop half way because of a phone call from a classmate, asked her to look at the top of the building right in front of her. There, her classmate was standing. A sweet day turns to be a bitter day. Even on the day she wake up in a hospital in different body and has to lives different life. Bonus for girls, the male characters have very good visual. They are idols though.

3. 3-nen A-gumi : Ima Kara Minasan Wa Hitojichi Desu (10 Episodes)
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Since tajuk panjang, Farahin teringin nak translate. Kelas 3-A : Mulai Saat Ini Semua Orang Adalah Tebusan. Yeah. That's what this drama about. A teacher holds all his 30 students as hostages. He bombed the school building so the students don't have any way to go out. And here is the interesting part, this is not a crime. But a special class that the teacher holds for his pre-graduate students. His teaching is violent and traumatic but also honest and true. This class is held for 10 days which it forced someone to die, another to pretend, and more will growing.

All these three dramas have same main genre which is suicidal. Three of them linger on concept of depression triggered from society including socmed. However, there is no bloodshed on screen. So, no need to worry much. The actings and stories are very good. Especially, for the third one because it's the heaviest compared to other twos. Well, it's Masaki Suda on play. I never hate any characters that he played.

Farahin suka drama with deep messages. Something that we don't usual see in real life even when it's actually there. I don't watch just because there are some handsome actors and beautiful actress. As long as the story is good, new, NONE CLICHE, related, I'm in! So buat yang belum usha dramas above, bolehlah cuba usha ya. Enjoy your time!

Until here, thank you for coming to read this until done.
Finally, a post after weeks with sad poems lol.
Have good day, everyone.
Bubye =)



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looking at the mirror
my reflection remains same
yet why i'm feeling this way
way so different and strange

is it because it is night?
is it because of my curly black hair?
what causes me feeling this way?
way so different and weak

looking at the mirror
my reflection remains same, does it?
though yesterday i was tired
and last night i had another fight.


I Was a Dreamer

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i was a dreamer.

a child who wanted to be a lawyer thought that would make her parent proud.
a pet lover who found out that veterinary is a wonderful career.
a talent in drawing, a desire in writing, fantasized to be one.

i was a dreamer.

one day, i would make my parent happy.
i would make myself beautiful.

just, until when?

since when...

it turn out the dreams were all nightmares.

a child who only wanted to stay in her close room all day.
a pet lover who had lost many of her beloved kittens.
drawing on plain paper but ended up torn it apart.
instead of writing a fiction, i kept myself all silent.

what makes a dreamer is a dream she has.


what makes the one with nightmare?
isn't it also a dream?

then, how can?

how can it be this ugly?


night became so sad.
dark was where i would hide.
cries became my usual lullaby.
regrets chained me during the bright day.

i was a dreamer.

am i still?


[WARNING!] My Unsuccessful Suicide

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my unsuccessful suicide.

my unsuccessful suicide begun
when my mind  became tricky and my body became very clumsy.
when my hand hesitated to reach the little knife in the empty drawer
yet ended up tightened it in the grip.

with half sane but fully conscious,
i grazed the sharp part of that little knife on my young thin skin.
it tickled and then came the pain before the presence of thick red blood.

my unsuccessful suicide begun
when three little straight cuts caused my not-so-fatty wrist wounded.
when the pain got clearer and my tricky mind became much cleaner.
as i came back to sane, what another bigger sin i had commit?
while that not much blood spill gave a lot of pain and tears,
what a weak kind of me?

my unsuccessful suicide begun
when tomorrow lie told the same story the day after.
when i laughed at my clumsiness like yesterday was just another shot of comedy.
forced to forgive this oneself when to forget can never been so hopeful.
it tickled and then came the pain under now healed wounds.

you know the game. ten facts with one is a lie.



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**i'm quite into this guy lately. shigeoka daiki fufu
Morning, peeps! How are you?
Do you having a good start for today?
In my case, not so good but I'm still good haha.

This very early morning,
Farahin ada rollcall untuk sispa.
Like this is the only wednesday that I woke up so much early.
And yeah, I'm sleepy right now.
Plus, mood burung hantu Farahin memang aktif sangat this semester.
So almost every day I go to sleep very late hehe.
But this is not what I want to write about today.
It's just some random emo intro lol.

Ceritanya, I got an interesting news from my academic advisor.
There is a competition involving designing a poster
using photoshop, illustrator and indesign.
It is a big competition with big prize.
I wasn't so confident but I felt like want to try.
Until I read the Rules and Regulation.

Participant must be between 13 and 22 as soon as June 22, 2019.

Okay. Yes. That's it. Alright.
Suddenly, Farahin terasa tua sangat hahahaha.
Why? Because I'm already 23 years 1 month 19 days old.
Yeah. That makes me disqualified to join that so called competition. Huhu

Baru je nak acah mencabar diri even dari awal lagi rasa macam tak mampu.
Siap fikir panjang lagi nak join ke tidak.
Tuptup, tak payah fikir dah.
Memang tak layak huh.

Well, it's okay.
Small matter. Doesn't matter. Lol
Tahulah diri ni dah cukup dewasa.
Jiwa je masih remaja muda hehe.

Until here, thank you for coming.
Kirim salam to March!
I'm late again haha.
Enjoy your Wednesday!
xoxo =)



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