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**it's just a bunch of fucked up gentlemen. DON'T IGNORE LOL
Hello, peeps! Apa khabar semua ?
Hmm lamanya tak ranting kat blog ni.
Puisi sokmo ja. Well, it's the mood lol

So the very first ranting post for this february is titled as above. Yup. I think I had gained a new habit. Kalau tak silap, since last semester lagi. When I only had this one class at the end of day. And I started to feel rimas when I thought I had to bring this one thing with me all the time.

What is this thing?


Yes. Farahin rasa malas dan rimas nak bawa beg ke kelas. Why? Because tak ada function pun. If I have to jot down anything during lecture, sebatang pen dan sekeping A4 pun dah cukup. Tu pun kalau agak2 tertinggal dalam kelas, all notes are online and I can just revise them right on time on my phone if I have to lol. During lab pula, dah tentu menghadap mac gergasi tu. Buat latihan, any programming or editing semua on komputer. If a pen is needed, that is only when to sign the attendance huhu.

Actually, I have a worst thought to not bring anything except a pen. And I had done this once or twice but it was very awkward because I was so kosong sehelai sepinggang lmao. I jotted down anything on phone, I calculated everything on phone, I revised the notes on phone. Sounds crazy, right?

I tried to hold back this strange habit. But I ended up did it today. Farahin cuma ada dua kelas every monday. Pagi satu lecture, petang satu lab. So for this lab today, Farahin datang kosong dengan pen sebatang and buku nota kecik hadiah dari lecturer semester lepas sebab perform kahoot haha. Itu pun tak ada function sangat. Like I mentioned above. Everything is done on computer.

So, what do you think?
I am a computer student.
and I have this crazy thought to utilize everything like
phone, computer, internet, and sort of those things
as long as it is helpful dan tak merimaskan for me.
Is this a BAD attitude? Just wondering lol.

Until here, thank you for coming!
May you have a good rest tonight.
xoxo =)



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