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**i'm quite into this guy lately. shigeoka daiki fufu
Morning, peeps! How are you?
Do you having a good start for today?
In my case, not so good but I'm still good haha.

This very early morning,
Farahin ada rollcall untuk sispa.
Like this is the only wednesday that I woke up so much early.
And yeah, I'm sleepy right now.
Plus, mood burung hantu Farahin memang aktif sangat this semester.
So almost every day I go to sleep very late hehe.
But this is not what I want to write about today.
It's just some random emo intro lol.

Ceritanya, I got an interesting news from my academic advisor.
There is a competition involving designing a poster
using photoshop, illustrator and indesign.
It is a big competition with big prize.
I wasn't so confident but I felt like want to try.
Until I read the Rules and Regulation.

Participant must be between 13 and 22 as soon as June 22, 2019.

Okay. Yes. That's it. Alright.
Suddenly, Farahin terasa tua sangat hahahaha.
Why? Because I'm already 23 years 1 month 19 days old.
Yeah. That makes me disqualified to join that so called competition. Huhu

Baru je nak acah mencabar diri even dari awal lagi rasa macam tak mampu.
Siap fikir panjang lagi nak join ke tidak.
Tuptup, tak payah fikir dah.
Memang tak layak huh.

Well, it's okay.
Small matter. Doesn't matter. Lol
Tahulah diri ni dah cukup dewasa.
Jiwa je masih remaja muda hehe.

Until here, thank you for coming.
Kirim salam to March!
I'm late again haha.
Enjoy your Wednesday!
xoxo =)



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