We're Capricorn

Alang-2 Twitter sedang berjalan lancar, Farahin nak share about mereka yang berzodiak Capricorn. Overall, jangan percaya and taksub sangat ya. Kalau ada yang betul, itu hanyalah kebetulan. Kalau tidak sama, jangan meradang pula. Hehee...

  • 's are extremely caring & thoughtful of others.
  •  wants to be different & separated from others.
  • 's are honourable by nature
  • Time management means everything to a 
  • Once a  is locked into an objective we will not stop until we have obtained it.
  • Being surrounded by people we love is when you will find a most happy.
  •  learns quickly & are not easily fooled.
  • 's are fair minded & essentially always play peacemaker
  • It takes more than compliments to impress a .
  • 's are full of empathy, we often take on others emotions, making them our own.
  • 's will never turn our backs on someone in need.
  • It will take a confident partner to win the respect and the heart of a.
  • It doesn't shock a  when people fail to act with integrity.
  •  will never let you know too much too soon.
  •  can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on how you treat us.
  •  seems to always be quiet but don't underestimate us, our mind is always working.
  • As 's we expect loyalty & the utmost consideration from others because that is what we will give you.
  • 's don't trust easily & won't share our emotions right off.
  • More times then not 's are calm & reserved.
  • 's would rather find solutions to problems rather than cry over spilled milk.
  • 's love peace & quiet.
  •  emotinal endurance is unmatched.
  • 's would rather show how we feel through our actions than express them with just words.
  • Do not be rude, selfish or A loudmouth & expect a  to deal with you.
  • 's has the great ability to see the facts of a situation & to face up to them.
  • 's have a natural gift for doing things carefully & calculated.
  •  always find ourselves examining & trying to understand the actions of everyone around us.
  • Being pushy will get you nowhere with a .
  • Expect the worst but hope for the best - 
  • 's may love routine but we get bored very easily.
  • Rarely loud or flashy, you will usually find a  watching & listening
  • 's are practical & rarely impulsive.
  • The concept of failure & giving up doesn't fit into 's vocabulary.
  • Words with no action will draw a  far away from you.
  • Showing our affection & emotion is a 's way of showing you we care.
  •  wants a partner who Is not afraid to explore limits & push the envelope.
  • 's are able to remain calm & patience knowing that answers & solutions will eventually find us.
  • 's heart always stays true.
  • The heart of a  is always full of compassion & understanding.
  •  may forgive you but we never forget anything!
  • Capricorn's don't like to be rushed into situations.
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